Stand your ground is wrong, except in this case

The NAACP which decried Florida’s stand your ground law in the shooting of Trayvon Martin, says it’s okay in the case of Marissa Danielle Alexander. In August of 2010 Mrs. Alexander claims her then husband was attacking her, she tried to leave but didn’t have her car keys. She grabbed her gun, which she did have a concealed carry permit for, and went back in the house. She fired a single shot into the ceiling of the house and was charged with aggravated assault. The judge who heard the case threw out the Stand Your Ground Defense because she went back into the house instead of leaving. Sound a little familiar?

She’s facing a mandatory 20 years in prison. The NAACP looked at the case and said this is a case where she was being abused and had the right to defend herself. “This is a clear case of domestic violence against Marissa,” branch President Isaiah Rumlin said Friday. “After looking into it and studying the case, this is a clear case of Stand Your Ground as it relates to what she had to do on the date that she did it.”

And her husband Rico Gray has had charges of domestic violence in the past, he was arrested in 2006 and 2009 on misdemeanor charges of domestic battery. Charges were dropped on one case and he was given probation on the other. Mrs. Alexander had injunction against him after his 2009 arrest. But here is where this story takes a turn, according to Mr. Gray and her 2 stepson’s, it was Marissa that started the violence against Rico, she started hitting him, and she pointed the gun at all 3 of them before shooting the ceiling.  5 months after this incident Mrs. Alexander was arrested again for domestic violence on her husband.
This is a very tricky situation to say the least. It went to a grand jury, then to a court of law. She was found guilty. And this was done outside the media spotlight, until now. I just want to know how the NAACP, even though they have absolutely no power to, can decide when and where what law applies. They need to leave legal matters to the experts.
Read the full article here.

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