Iran now has our Top Secret codes

In December Iran captured a stealth drone the US used for intelligence gathering. The drone crashed in Iran and was recovered by the Iranian Army.  Now Iran says they cracked the codes for the intelligence gathering systems on the drone. These are Top Secret codes that allow the US to maintain military and intelligence superiority over our enemies. And now Iran may have them. This is disastrous, this could open our intelligence to outside attacks. And this could have been prevented.

In December when it was known that the Iranians had our drone, Obama asked for it back. In response Ahmadinejad sent back a toy replica of the drone, a slap in the face to the US. So instead of sending in a Special Operations team to get the sensitive material back, we do have teams trained specifically for this, or launching a Tomahawk missile and destroying the drone, Obama just let Iran have it. He let one of our fiercest enemies have our Top Secret vehicle and date it had collected. This is unacceptable. This should earn him an impeachment on its own. This goes to show he doesn’t care about our country. Letting a foreign government have Top Secret data would be called treason if anyone else did it. We must not let him get another chance to destroy our country. CLEAN HOUSE 2012!!!

Read the CNN article here.

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