My thoughts on the future of America

I see it everyday, people are fed up with the government, and Obama in particular. He has promised the moon, and has delivered pebbles. His promises of change haven’t quite worked out the way he hoped they would. His lynchpin domestic policy is under Supreme Court review, and his foreign policy is in tatters. He promised more “flexibility” to deal with the Russians once he is reelected, and will not tell us what he meant by that. He has single-handedly  undone more of the Constitution than any of the previous 43 presidents combined, and has his eye set on destroying the rest of it if he is reelected. He has raised the national debt to surpass the gross domestic product, and it is rising.

Congress has been the laziest in 20 years. There are over 70 confirmed members of the American Communist Party, registered as Democrats, in Congress right now.  Nancy Pelosi summed up Congress’ lack of work when she said, “We need to pass Obamacare so we can find out what’s in it.” If Congress doesn’t even know what’s in the laws they are passing how the hell can they in good conscience, or any conscience for that matter, pass the law?  Congress has become notorious for passing laws that do not apply to them while in Congress or even after they leave congressional service. They have taken the greatest government model in the world and have mutated it into the abomination that we have now. We need to fire every single one of them and start over.

I am not, nor will I ever advocate the overthrow of a legally appointed and elected government. Having said that I am however preparing for the worst case scenario. With all the political infighting, financial, and racial division, and the tyrannical power grab in the government right now I see bad things in the future. Tensions are at such a fevered pitch anything can set it off. We have public figures and groups calling for racial violence. We have wealthy people calling for financial segregation. We have a president calling for then end to our Constitution, in effect an end to our country.  Americans will not sit idly by and watch our country be taken away from us. We will not sit by and watch our elected officials tear apart the freedoms guaranteed us by our founding fathers. We took our country by force and wrote a Constitution that guaranteed we would never fall prey to a tyrant again. I can not imagine us sitting by and letting a tyrant wrest control from us. I will not let that happen.

I will not advocate the overthrow of a legally elected government. I will not let a tyrant grab power. I am preparing for what I hope will never come, I am preparing never the less. I urge everyone to ensure the current administration is looking for a new job this November.  CLEAN HOUSE 2012!!!

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