The TSA is getting out of control

There was Lenore Zimmerman, an 85-year-old grandmother who was strip searched, because she was afraid the full body scanner would interfere with her defibrillator. Then there was the 95-year-old cancer stricken grandmother who was not only strip searched, but then had the added humiliation of having her adult diaper forcibly removed, because during the pat down TSA agents  “felt something suspicious and they couldn’t determine what it was,” the agents told the woman’s daughter the underwear were wet and firm and they couldn’t search them. I understand being thorough, but come on now, a cancer stricken lady who has not set off any alarms and is wearing depends, dude really? There are hundreds of videos on the internet of questionable TSA searches. Including rough pat downs of the elderly and children.

The latest is the case of a 4-year-old girl accused of having a gun after hugging her grandmother. The little girl had passed through security with her parents, when her grandmother went through the scanner and set of an alarm, the little girl ran back and hugged her. The young girl was immediately detained by security agents, who apparently shouted at her that she would have to be frisked too, and refused to let her mother explain what has happening. The TSA agent had repeatedly alluded to the little girl having been given a gun by her grandmother. The little girl was horrified and tried to run away, this little girl is 4 years old. The TSA kept saying the little girl was a “high security threat” and when the little girl wouldn’t calm down the TSA agent ordered her to stop crying. The family was told if the little girl was not frisked they would have to leave the airport, the TSA agents said they would shut the Airport down if the girl kept refusing to be searched. One agent went as far as saying she had seen a gun in a teddy bear. Really, I want to know who this TSA agent that saw a gun in a teddy bear is. Because that would mean they were actually doing their job and not letting the little power they have go to their head.

The little girls nightmare was not over yet. During a connecting flight in Denver, an airport employee demanded to know which of the family was the high security threat – and ‘looked really confused’ when the girl was pointed out to her.

This is getting out of hand. These TSA agents have too little training, and too much power. They wield their power like an iron fist, and threaten and abuse innocent people. It needs to stop.



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