You shouldn’t have been in that position in the first place

This story pisses me off to no end. This Jennifer Tyrrell knew the scouts don’t allow homosexuals in, it has been in the news about gay scouts and leaders getting kicked out. She became a den mother knowing that she was doing something wrong. How can she teach these boys to be fine upstanding citizens when she’s breaking the rules to begin with? She is wrong and she needs to stop crying cause she got caught. If I as a heterosexual male apply for a job as a hairdresser and the jobs specifically states homosexual only, whose fault is it when I get caught and get fired? It would be mine because I took that job knowing I wasn’t gay and lied about it. It was the same way in the Military before DADT was repealed, a homosexual could not come out and say they were gay or they got kicked out. They knew it was against the rules and did it anyway, and they bitched when they got caught and punished. THEY WERE WRONG, and so is Jennifer Tyrrell, she knew the rules of the scouts and she broke them. Don’t cry you got caught. Get over it. Organizations have rules and regulations for a reason, if you can’t abide by those rules and regulations don’t join those organizations, period. Don’t join against the rules than cry when you get caught, what does that show our younger generation? That it’s okay to break the rules if you’re gay? Mrs’ Tyrrell sullied the image of the Scouts by breaking the rules. Now she’s doing even more damage by telling these young people it’s okay to do the wrong thing if you’re gay and blame discrimination, then you get the other person, who was doing the right thing in trouble, and you look like the one who was wronged.

If you can’t abide by the rules and regulations of a group, stay the hell out of that group. I would not send my boy to a Scout troop with a homosexual leader, not because of the sexual orientation, but because the leader is breaking the rules, and I want my child to learn the right way to do things. Not the, “I’m joining your group and you will change the rules for me or you are oppressing me,” way of doing things.


Read the CNN article here.

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