As long as it’s said with a smile

According to the ACLU a death threat is covered under the freedom of speech as long as it is said with a smiley face emoticon attached. At least that’s what ACLU lawyer Gavin Rose is saying in the case of 3 eighth grade girls who were expelled from an Indiana school. The 3 girls made comments on Facebook about which of their classmates they would like to kill, but since the comments were accompanied by smiley faces and other emoticons they are covered under freedom of speech. The Indiana School District decided it was bullying and expelled the students. The ACLU filed suit in Hammond on behalf of the girls saying their right to free speech was violated.

Really, who in their right mind would even consider a death threat free speech? I guess the ACLU forgot about all the school shootings, and the bullying that is running rampant in or schools. By bringing this case to court they are saying it’s okay to threaten people as long as you do it with a smile. This is setting a very dangerous precedent, if the court over turns the expulsion it will signal open season for bullies as long as they do it with smiles and emoticons. The Judge should throw this case out and refuse to hear it. This just goes to show the ACLU cares about headlines and not the law or any ones civil liberties. The ACLU should be branded a terrorist organization and disbanded.

Read the full article here.


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