The ACLU is attacking laws again

The ACLU filed suit against Florida Governor Rick Scott saying his law requiring drug tests for government workers is unconstitutional. They ACLU said the law violated the 4th Amendment because there was no evidence the workers were taking illegal drugs. And a federal judge agreed with them. I don’t know about you guys but I don’t want the Child Protection Services Officer showing up high off their ass, or the Police Officer or Fire Fighter or Paramedic, or even the emergency services dispatcher. The reason behind the drug testing is to ensure they do not use drugs. I am not saying any of those people use drugs or will use drugs, but the policy ensures they don’t.

This is not the only suit against a drug test law the ACLU has filed. They have also filed a suit last year saying Florida’s law requiring welfare recipients submit to drug tests was unconstitutional. Seriously? I have to take a drug test to work, they should have to take a drug test to get free money. That is my tax dollars going to them, I demand they submit to a drug test, I also demand they participate in either a job placement program or enroll in college or a vocational/technical school. If I am going to support them I damn well better be getting something for my money.

I am sick of people getting something for nothing. We have gone from a country of doing for ourselves to a country of beggars. I am afraid to wonder what our founding fathers would think about what we have become. Not even going that far back in our history, let’s just go back to 1944. The Greatest Generation, the WWII generation, a generation of can do. We went from those outstanding people, our grandmothers went to work as welders, and metal workers, to now women pumping out kids so they can get welfare and not have to work. I am embarrassed for us.

Read the article here.


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