This is unacceptable

We are in a war, and in a war injury and death are unavoidable. But when the Armed Forces of the country we are there to help cause 20 percent of our casualties it is unacceptable. We are fighting in Afghanistan and it has become apparent that 1 in 5, or 20 percent of our casualties are caused by the Afghan Army. We are not only in danger of getting killed by the enemy but we also have to watch out for our “allies.”

When I was in Afghanistan over the summer part of my job was to stop the Afghan army from stealing our stuff. I would stake out our supplies after midnight and catch the Afghan Army stealing our stuff. I would cuff them and take them to their commanders, they would usually get the shit kicked out of them. I was told by my Colonel to stop doing my job because the Afghan Army threatened my life, they were getting embarrassed by getting caught and beat. Are you kidding me? NO. Punish them. If they want to continue doing things the way the have before we came to their rescue let them, pull out our military and let them get killed by the Taliban.

The Commandos of the Afghan Army are the cream of the crop. They are vetted through background checks and pass all kinds of tests to get on the Commando force. Now they are killing American Special Forces. This is unacceptable, we are there to help them. When it becomes more dangerous to help them than it is to go after the enemy it’s time for us to leave.

We got bin Laden, we did what we set out to do in Afghanistan, lets come home.


Read the article here.

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