We have secrets for a reason

The government classifies information for a reason. The government uses terms like Confidential, Classified, Secret, Top Secret, and a few others to restrict access to information. The reason they do this is because the release of certain information could damage our government. The release of other information could result in the death of Americans. Take the case of Bradley Manning, he released thousands of pages of classified information which resulted in damage to the United States. It revealed classified information as to how we conducted raids in combat, and how our military conducts raids. Information that could possibly lead to our enemies being better prepared for our troops and killing them.

People are up in arms about Area 51. They want to know exactly what goes on there. Um no. We have gained our Military strength and superiority by our secrecy.  Look at the U-2 and SR-71 spy plane projects, and the F-117 and B-1 stealth plane projects. Our government needs its secrets leave them be.

Then there was the much touted Osama bin Laden raid in Pakistan. An elite team of Military operatives went in and got the worlds most wanted terrorist. Our government didn’t even tell Pakistan we were coming, they would have blown the op. Yes there were pictures and video taken, and no our government should not make them public. The publication of those pictures would only serve as a rally point for al queda and the Taliban. Leave them alone, bin Laden is dead let it go. Do we really need to see the pictures? I applaud Judge James Boasberg and his blocking of the release of those pictures. Leave our classified information alone.

Read the article here.

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