It was the SEALs

First off Obama did nothing more than say yes. That was his total involvement in the bin Laden raid. He was not there, he did not participate, he did see the sights, hear the sounds or smell the air in Abbottabad, Pakistan. He didn’t even have anything to do with getting the intel that led to the raid, as a matter of fact his administration decided the means used to get that intel was illegal and banned our intelligence agencies from using it again. So if the intel hadn’t already been available to him he never would have found bin Laden, let alone had the means to authorize a raid.

Now I do agree with one thing he did do in regards to the raid, he decided, and I’m not sure if he did it or if it was his advisors,  but I agree with the decision to not tell Pakistan the SEALs were coming. Telling the Pakistanis would have been like taking out a full-page advertisement in an Al Ja Zeera newspaper. I mean bin Laden was living less than 2 miles from their national military academy, and they didn’t know, yeah right.

Obama even trying to take credit for this is degrading to those who not only put their lives on the line that night, but those who put their lives on the line to get the intel that made that raid possible. Because you know if Obama is the great savior he would have sent a bomber in or a Tomahawk missile in to destroy what was left of the TOP SECRET air craft that went down in the raid. But yeah HE got bin Laden.


Read the article here.


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