We understand and we like it that way.

World Wars have started when governments have said, “We are simply forcing you to understand.” It doesn’t matter what good they think they are trying to “force” us to do, it is nothing more than a power grab by the elitist few. When you start regulating a private citizen’s life to the point of what they can or can not drink because of the risk of obesity, you are crossing a line towards tyranny.As adult human beings we should be smart enough, yeah there are some none to bright people out their, but generally we understand the risks of drinking sugary drinks, and you know what we don’t care. There are so many things in this world that are bad for us, why are you messing with one of our small joys in this world? Michael Bloomberg you are not a God or a King, but with this law you are forcing down our throats you are taking another step towards being a Tyrant. See the video of Bloomberg trying to sugar coat his power grab here.

-Yes the federal government has already tread all over that line with the healthcare mandate, and the numerous tries at fast tracking citizenship for illegal aliens who have checkered pasts the say the least. And with their push to outlaw voter ID laws, they pretty much flipped the bird at the Constitution. Which to me and the more than 1 million Service Members who have fought to defend the Constitution is a slap in the face to our sacrifices, and it is the ultimate disrespect to those who have given their lives for it.

I don’t know if you guys in office realize this but this is AMERICA, not the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic (which by the way failed because socialism DOES NOT WORK), this is not the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea (North Korea), Cuba (which is failing), or China. We revolted against a King who was doing exactly what you people are doing right now, taking power he was not granted by “WE the People,” we went to war against our brothers for Government laws we did not agree with. We do sit idly by an let Tyrants and Despots take our country from us. We will come out in force this November and evict those in power who are trying to destroy this country.

We understand exactly what we are doing and guess what we like it that way!


CLEAN HOUSE 2012!!!!


Requiring ID to vote is not blocking any citizen from voting

I just want to know why Obama and his top law enforcement official Eric Holder believe that requiring ID to vote is aimed at minorities? Holder has recently told a group of black church leaders that the right to vote is under assault. How?  (Read the article here.) The right to vote is granted to citizens, not to people here illegally, and not to felons, so how is requiring ID to ensure that the voter is who they say they are and are legal to vote and assault on the right to vote?

I joke around with my friends about illegal aliens being “undocumented democrats,” that’s why Obama wants to stop any law requiring ID to vote. But this is no joke, it is a direct assault on the Constitution by even allowing the chance that anyone not allowed to vote to be able to vote. And by allowing anyone who is not authorized to vote, to vote, the Obama administration is aiding and abetting felons, which in itself is a crime.

I am sick and tired of those we elected to represent and uphold the Constitution, turning around and trying to destroy it. If people are so upset with our laws and our Constitution as written by our founding fathers, and want to have a socialist government then why don’t they move to an already established one? I hear Cuba, and Venezuela are nice this time of year. The reason they don’t is because they don’t want to live under a socialist government, they want to rule a socialist government, and in the process destroy our country.

I say no, this will not happen. We will not sit by and watch our country destroyed by a socialist, anti-American president or his cronies. He has done enough damage and needs to go.


CLEAN HOUSE 2012!!!!

The ultimate form of disrespect is to lie about your service.

I am proud of my Military service, I am honored to have been able to serve my country and defend her in war. I have served with some of the finest men and women In the world. I have also felt the sadness that goes along with losing some of my best friends, men I called my brothers, in combat. I think about them all the time, I remember them, I honor them, I think about and pray for the families they left behind.

And then there are people like Mike Wilson. Mike Wilson says that he was in the Army and that his MOS, or Military Occupational Specialty, was classified, he claims to be a former member of Special Forces. Yet he blabs all about it on Facebook. He claims he was whitewashed, never heard of it in my 20 years in the Army, he claims his name was changed, yet his friends call him out on it. He threatens people who call his bluff, he claims he can get his old team together and have all their heads in all aspects of the law. His personal quote on his Facebook page is, “fuck the government, fuck society. if all the Government and society wants to do is control you then FUCK em. HILE THE REBELLION DAMNIT,” I have never heard any member of the Special Forces community say that, they have more respect for our country than that. You can see his profile here – https://www.facebook.com/Kain6of6the6graveyard.

Mike here is just the latest in a long line of fakes. It sickens me to see people like him. If he did serve in the Army then that is all that matters, he’s part of less than 1% to do that, so why must he make up the classified BS? Is he so insecure in his service that he needs to steal other people’s service records? He is a jack ass, and he is the reason why the Stolen Valor Act needs to be reinstated.

Watch this Big Brother,,,oops I mean Big Sister

So apparently Big Sister is reading your status updates, tweets, and any other social media that you use, I’m pretty sure that includes wordpress.com. The Department of Homeland Security has reluctantly made public a list of words that will get Big Sis breathing down your throat. Now I’m not going to say they will come and get you just for having these words in your e-mail, tweets, status updates or anything else. But using them will most certainly get you on the radar of DHS. And I’m pretty sure just by posting these words here I’m being scanned now. But I’m all about freedom of press, you know the 1st amendment thingy to the Constitution. I went to war for it so I will use it.  So here is the list of watch words that will get Big Sis Napolitano looking at you. Although the DHS swears they will only look at these words in context and patterns, but how will they know the context or pattern with out reading it? Just another unconstitutional power grab by our government. I wonder how many DHS listeners are gonna shit themselves after I post this?

Domestic security

Assassination Emergency management Gangs
Attack Emergency response National security
Domestic security First responder State of emergency
Drill Homeland security Security
Exercise Maritime domain awareness Breach
Cops (MDA) Threat
Law enforcement National preparedness Standoff
Authorities initiative SWAT
Disaster assistance Militia Screening
Disaster management Shooting Lockdown
DNDO (Domestic Nuclear Shots fired Bomb (squad or threat)
Detection Office) Evacuation Crash
National preparedness Deaths Looting
Mitigation Hostage Riot
Prevention Explosion (explosive) Emergency Landing
Response Police Pipe bomb
Recovery Disaster medical assistance Incident
Dirty bomb team (DMAT) Facility
Domestic nuclear detection Organized crime
HAZMAT & Nuclear
Hazmat Leak Gas
Nuclear Biological infection (or Spillover
Chemical spill event) Anthrax
Suspicious package/device Chemical Blister agent
Toxic Chemical burn Chemical agent
National laboratory Biological Exposure
Nuclear facility Epidemic Burn
Nuclear threat Hazardous Nerve agent
Cloud Hazardous material incident Ricin
Plume Industrial spill Sarin
Radiation Infection North Korea
Radioactive Powder (white)
Health Concern & H1N1
Outbreak Salmonella Agriculture
Contamination Small Pox Listeria
Exposure Plague Symptoms
Virus Human to human Mutation
Evacuation Human to Animal Resistant
Bacteria Influenza Antiviral
Recall Center for Disease Control Wave
Ebola (CDC) Pandemic
Food Poisoning Drug Administration (FDA) Infection
Foot and Mouth (FMD) Public Health Water/air borne
H5N1 Toxic Sick
Avian Agro Terror Swine
Flu Tuberculosis (TB) Pork
Strain Tamiflu World Health Organization
Quarantine Norvo Virus (WHO) (and components)
H1N1 Epidemic Viral Hemorrhagic Fever
Vaccine E. Coli
Infrastructure security
Airport Airplane(and derivatives) Electric
CIKR (Critical Infrastructure Chemical fire Failure or outage
& Key Resources) Subway Black out
Collapse MARTA Port
Computer infrastructure Port Authority Dock
Communications NBIC (National Bridge
infrastructure Biosurveillance Integration Cancelled
Telecommunications Center) Delays
Critical infrastructure Transportation security Service disruption
National infrastructure Grid Power lines
Metro Power
Body scanner
Southwest Border Violence
Drug cartel Fort Hancock Gunfight
Violence San Diego Trafficking
Gang Ciudad Juarez Kidnap
Drug Nogales Calderon
Narcotics Sonora Reyosa
Cocaine Colombia Bust
Marijuana Mara salvatrucha Tamaulipas
Heroin MS13 or MS-13 Meth Lab
Border Drug war Drug trade
Mexico Mexican army Illegal immigrants
Cartel Methamphetamine Smuggling (smugglers)
Southwest Cartel de Golfo Matamoros
Juarez Gulf Cartel Michoacana
Sinaloa La Familia Guzman
Tijuana Reynosa Arellano-Felix
Torreon Nuevo Leon Beltran-Leyva
Yuma Narcos Barrio Azteca
Tucson Narco banners (Spanish Artistic Assassins
Decapitated equivalents) Mexicles
U.S. Consulate Los Zetas New Federation
Consular Shootout
El Paso Execution
Terrorism IED (Improvised Explosive Suspicious substance
Al Qaeda (all spellings) Device) AQAP (AL Qaeda Arabian
Terror Abu Sayyaf Peninsula)
Attack Hamas AQIM (Al Qaeda in the
Iraq FARC (Armed Revolutionary Islamic Maghreb)
Afghanistan Forces Colombia) TTP (Tehrik-i-Taliban
Iran IRA (Irish Republican Army) Pakistan)
Pakistan ETA (Euskadi ta Askatasuna) Yemen
Agro Basque Separatists Pirates
Environmental terrorist Hezbollah Extremism
Eco terrorism Tamil Tigers Somalia
Conventional weapon PLF (Palestine Liberation Nigeria
Target Front) Radicals
Weapons grade PLO (Palestine Liberation Al-Shabaab
Dirty bomb Organization Home grown
Enriched Car bomb Plot
Nuclear Jihad Nationalist
Chemical weapon Taliban Recruitment
Biological weapon Weapons cache Fundamentalism
Ammonium nitrate Suicide bomber Islamist
Improvised explosive device Suicide attack
Emergency Ice Mud slide or Mudslide
Hurricane Stranded/Stuck Erosion
Tornado Help Power outage
Twister Hail Brown out
Tsunami Wildfire Warning
Earthquake Tsunami Warning Center Watch
Tremor Magnitude Lightening
Flood Avalanche Aid
Storm Typhoon Relief
Crest Shelter-in-place Closure
Temblor Disaster Interstate
Extreme weather Snow Burst
Forest fire Blizzard Emergency Broadcast System
Brush fire Sleet
Cyber Security
Cyber security 2600 Hacker
Botnet Spammer China
DDOS (dedicated denial of Phishing Conficker
service) Rootkit Worm
Denial of service Phreaking Scammers
Malware Cain and abel Social media
Virus Brute forcing
Trojan Mysql injection
Keylogger Cyber attack
Cyber Command Cyber terror

What about this being the US confuses you?

I applaud the Governor of Kansas in signing a bill banning courts from using  Islamic and other non US laws when making decisions. On the other hand I am offended that he had to pass this law. (Read the article here.)The law says nothing specifically about sharia law, it only reiterates that US law is the only law that will be followed.

What upsets me even more is this Council on American-Islamic Relations in Washington is pissed and denounced the Kansas law and said it is considering legal action. WTF?? Are you serious? This is not the middle east, if you want to live under this barbaric law go live in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Afghanistan, or some other Muslim controlled government. Do not come to this country and demand we live under your laws, you come here you live under our laws. You are guaranteed the right to practice your religion, not rewrite our constitution.

This goes for the socialist, and communists, and Marxists. We have a constitution, and laws here. You come here for a better life, that means you don;t like the government you left, so why the hell are you trying to change our government into the one you hate? It makes no sense. If you don’t like our laws it’s simple STAY THE HELL OUT.

Remember the families


This post is dedicated to one of my best friends Jill who lost her husband SFC Robert Cheevar to pancreatic cancer a month after he returned from his last deployment to Afghanistan on 21 February 2010.

Memorial Day is a day to remember the heroes who have given their lives in service to this country. But there are people who have sacrificed just as much or even more that we must also remember, the families of these heroes. The families put up with the long work hours, the weeks of field time, the missed weekends, the 24 hour duty, and that’s when the Soldiers are at home.  Then there are the deployments, the hours of endless worry if they will get the dreaded visit by the casualty notification team. Then it comes their worst nightmare realized, an officer and a Chaplain show up at their door and ruin their world.

They just found out their husband, wife, son, daughter, father, mother won’t be coming home. Now they have to go on with out the person they were going to spend there future with. Yes the Soldier sacrificed his/her life, but their family has sacrificed their future.

I ask all of you if you know the family of a fallen hero thank them for their service and sacrifice, if you go to a national cemetery to pay respects to our fallen heroes, go up to the family members and thank them for their service and sacrifice. As much as we as  Soldiers sacrifice, we could never do it with out the love and support of our family back home.



When a Soldier dies it’s sad, when a Soldier ends their own life it’s tragic.

I don’t see why.
If we ask anything of our leaders, it is to tell us the truth.
Often the truth sucks, it’s hard to live with.
We like to hide it and tell each other fairy stories of our existence.
We gladly sugar coat our problems because we feel shame or don’t want to burden each other.

If i’m your friend, if i’m your buddy. You may one day ask me to walk through hell and a hail of bullets for you.
If i refuse to leave you to the monsters that we fight.
Why do you think i will leave you to the demons that are fucking with you?

Why wouldn’t you ask those that will give all for you in hell to give all for you anywhere else.
We don’t need and invitation, just and excuse.

We as a species have been around for hundreds of thousands of years. Don’t kid yourself into believing that your sins or problems are new or not something that has been dealt with before. We as a people are so repetitive it’s silly, and you are no different.

It’s been done before, it’s been survived.
You just need a buddy and maybe a beer or seven.

Nothing is so heavy that we can not lift it. Nothing is so bad that we will leave you to be destroyed by it.
Reach out, for many of us will never, and i mean NEVER ignore such a distress call.

No man is left behind. Ever.
That mean you Airborne.
Don’t you forget it.

Major General Dana Pittard, the Commanding General of Fort Bliss Texas, says that a Soldier who commits suicide is selfish, and they aren’t acting like adults. That they are leaving a mess for everyone else to clean up. I do not agree with him. I believe the, “Soldiers are stronger than normal and do not feel human emotions,” bullshit that we have been brought up to believe is the problem. Read the article here.

This is a topic that is close to my heart. Soldiers are asked to do things that to “normal” people is unthinkable. We are asked to go into foreign lands and fight an armed enemy, sometimes we have to take another human life, other times we watch unspeakable horrors such as bodies being ripped apart by bombs, or innocent children torn to pieces by the very grown ups that should be caring for them, or the loss of what we consider our families. Often times those deaths are gruesome, bloody, and violent. We are asked to do this, and expected to feel nothing. Well it doesn’t work like that.

American Soldiers are among the most caring and feeling people on the planet. If we weren’t we wouldn’t be Soldiers, we wouldn’t care about our country or our fellow Americans, and we wouldn’t go to war for our country. And we care about fellow Soldiers, who we refer to as brother and sister. We love our fellow Soldiers, or else we would not grab our rifle and rush into gun fire right next to them. I have gone into the fire with my brothers, and I have risked my life running into an IED kill zone, being shot at by insurgents, returning fire until I could get to them and render first aid. I have been pinned down by gunfire praying to God to save me, only to look up and see my brothers running full-bore straight into the gun fire to help me. You don’t do those things unless you have a love that is greater than you.

So why is it when we come home people think we’re weak if we ask for help? I was talking to a group of 8 year olds at my nieces school, one of them asked “How many people have you killed?” It’s not the first time I was asked  that, but the first time I was asked it by a child not even old enough to remember a time we weren’t at war. My response was, “My job is not about killing, but about saving, and I can not count how many people I have saved.”  But this shows the mentality of those who are not Soldiers. For a child this young to even think about that, her parents had to say something, or her teachers, some one had to put that idea in her head, children just don’t think about killing like that, at least 8 year olds shouldn’t.  That shows that people think we are uncaring and all we do is kill, and that we don’t feel any emotions about it. Yes I have killed my enemy, and yes I had feelings about it. I felt good, yes I said good. Why did I feel good? Simple because that bastard I killed hurt people, he hurt innocent people, including children. I have no clue how many people he hurt before I killed him, but I know he never hurt anyone again.

There is a flip side to that. I have seen innocent people hurt. I saw a school I helped build explode on the day it opened, killing over 60 children. And people here ask me why I care about Iraqi children, children of people we are at war with. Why? Because they are children, they did nothing wrong, and they did not deserve to be not only dragged into the evil that men do, but to be killed to hurt their parents. And I did feel, I felt a loss that very few people felt. And people think we’re weak for feeling that loss. I ask all of you, how would you feel if you saw that? Why should we feel different?

We feel, we hurt, and we cry. We are human. So the next time you see a Soldier or a veteran do not ask how many people they killed, ask how are you doing? If you see a Soldier who seems to be hurting, love them as much as they love you and try to help them. If a Soldier feels they have no other option but to commit suicide, it is because those closest to them have let them believe that. I had a Soldier who came home early from Afghanistan, because his time in the Army was up. The first time I talked to him I knew there was a problem. As we talked he broke down and cried because he felt bad leaving his Battle Buddies in Afghanistan. He felt so bad about coming home it literally ate at him until he almost shut down. I got him the help he needed, and I believe it is every Army leaders responsibility to know their Soldiers well enough to know when there is a problem. So for this General to say these Soldiers who commit suicide are selfish is just him showing that neither he nor his subordinate leaders know their Soldiers enough to know when there is a problem. Suicide is a leadership, friend, family and society failure. It is this failure that leads that Soldier to feel there is no other option. And it needs to stop.

Memorial Day

This weekend is a long weekend for a lot of people, they have either a 3 or 4 day weekend. This weekend symbolizes the start of summer, people are planning family get togethers, barbeques, and going to the beach. But this not just any ordinary long weekend. This Monday is a special day to me it is Memorial Day.

Memorial day is a day of remembrance. It is a day to remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for us. Especially now, in our time of war we need to remember those who have sacrificed so much so we can be free. And not only those who have died, but also their families, because their families have sacrificed a husband, mother, brother, sister, father, mother, son, daughter, a loved one who will not be there with them to celebrate this weekend.

I’m not telling you to not have fun, because enjoying your freedoms, and being with your family and friends is why they sacrificed. I have gone to war, and I have lost good friends, people I call my brother, and I know they would be with their families doing the same thing this weekend. Every person that goes to war knows they might not come home, but that’s why we do it, for those at home, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. I will be having a barbeque this weekend, but I will be remembering my fallen brothers and their families. So enjoy your weekend, eat, drink and be merry, but please remember the reason for this holiday. If you know someone in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, or Coast Guard thank them for their service.

To read about all the Service Members killed in Action visit the following links:

Global War on Terror

The Vietnam War

The Korean War

World War II Army and Air Force

World War II Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard

If you have a family member served in the Military and want to find out more about them you can search the US Archives at www.archives.gov/veterans/

We walked among the crosses
Where our fallen soldiers lay.
And listened to the bugle
As taps began to play.

The Chaplin led a prayer
We stood with heads bowed low.
And I thought of fallen comrades
I had known so long ago.

They came from every city
Across this fertile land.
That we might live in freedom.
They lie here ‘neath the sand.

I felt a little guilty
My sacrifice was small.
I only lost a little time
But these men lost their all.

Now the services are over
For this Memorial Day.
To the names upon these crosses
I just want to say,

Thanks for what you’ve given
No one could ask for more.
May you rest with God in heaven
From now through evermore.

He did enough damage

With the elections coming in November, I urge everyone to do their homework. Look at all sides of every candidate. Do not look at color, or creed, or religious affiliation. Look at the person. Obama had 4 years to help this country, 4 years to fix our economy, 4 years to make us better. He failed. Look at all of his policies, not one of them was successful. He has presided over the worst government administration we have ever had. His flagship policy has been challenged in the Supreme Court and is likely to be ruled unconstitutional. He has had nothing but scandal and failure to accept his faults. His citizenship has been called into question and he can not definitively prove he was born in the US, on the other hand it has been shown time and again where he claims he was born in Kenya. He has spent billions of dollars trying to fix our economy and it has fallen deeper into recession.

I was never a fan of Obama, I did not vote for him. I will not vote for him in November. I think he has proved he is unqualified to be president. Not only has he failed to improve our country, he has actually given away our global superiority. He has given away Top Secret military information, he has given away billions of dollars, he has given away our country. I do not know who will win the elections in November, but I do know that as long as it isn’t Obama, we can not do any worse than we are now. If it is Obama then our country is doomed, and we will cease to exist as the United States of America.

How bad do you have to be to be sued by the church?

Cardinal Dolan of NY along with about 40 other catholic Dioceses and organizations has filed suit in federal court against the  Obama administration. They sued because of the administrations violation of their 1st amendment right to freedom of religion. (Read the article here.) They are pissed that regulation that Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius announced last August and finalized in January that requires virtually all health-care plans in the United States to cover sterilizations and all Food and Drug Administration-approved contraceptives, including those that can cause abortions.  I applaud them for standing up for their beliefs and taking Obama and his administration to task for violating the constitution that he took an oath to uphold.

I knew it was going to be a big mess when the announcement came that all employer sponsored health care be required to cover contraceptives. How can the government require employers like catholic churches and schools, who are against all contraception and abortions, cover such things? I am a catholic and yes contraceptives and abortion are highly frowned upon, but I believe it is a woman’s choice whether or not to have an abortion, I will never demand of her to get one or not. I do believe if you are sexually active and do not have the means to support a child use some kind of contraceptive device. If you do use contraception pay for it yourself, if you can’t afford it don’t have sex, it’s that simple.

If you are not responsible enough to practice safe sex, especially if you can’t afford a child, don’t have sex. I support my children I shouldn’t have to support yours.