Give them even more reason to come here

So LA in all its infinite wisdom has decided to give healthcare to illegal immigrants. So now not only is our federal government suing states who decide to enforce immigration law, cities are deciding not only to not report illegal immigrants, but they are giving them incentive to come here. I had to join the military to get healthcare. I know a few groups of American citizens who deserve healthcare before illegal immigrants like um, how about the children of parents who can’t afford it, or our senior citizens who are on fixed incomes who can’t afford all their medicine, or our homeless veterans who don’t qualify for life long healthcare? How about we give our citizens free healthcare first? And don’t even bring up obamacare, it is not the magic bullet free healthcare he promised, it actually costs more than the system we have in place now and gives back less. This policy is wrong, it sets a bad precedent, and sends the wrong signal. It tells the illegal immigrants that it’s okay to come here illegally, and you’ll be taken care of. We need to stop allowing illegal immigrants to live in this country with out retribution, it is a crime and should be punished. They should be deported not awarded.


Read the full article here.

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