Another threat unanswered

Again Obama has shown his lack of conviction when the US is threatened. He lets Iran keep a Top Secret spy drone, all he did was asked for its return. He keeps trying to appease the Palestinians, at cost of our only true friend in the middle east, Israel. Now Russia openly states they will destroy our missile defense shield in Europe if we do not reach an agreement with them over the defense shield. Russia has stated that if talks continue to be stalemated, they will use destructive force pre-emptively before the sites are finished. (Read the article here.)

I don’t know about you but that sounds like the threat against us. And I have not heard one peep out of the Obama administration against the threat. So now not only can enemy states steal our Top Secret intelligence gathering drones, and threaten our friends, they can now threaten us openly and our President will do nothing. I am sick of the world treating the country that I love and have defended in combat, and lost brothers for, like we are a bunch of punks. How did this happen? How did we go from the country that won World Wars to the country that is now treated like a joke. And yes we are treated like a joke, when Obama asked for the drone back from Iran, Ahmadinejad sent him a toy replica of the drone.

I am embarrassed to call him my commander-in-chief, I am becoming unhappy with the course my country is on. We need to stop this. We need to let every elected official, both those in office now, and those to come, that we are Americans and we will act like it. We will go back to what made us the greatest country on the planet. We DO NOT take any crap from anyone, we do not submit to foreign governments, and WE WILL NOT BE THREATENED.




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