Stop giving away our national secrets Mr. President

We have intelligence agencies such as the CIA for a reason. We have people trained to go into foreign countries and infiltrate enemy groups because the enemy is not just going to tell us what we want to know. Who they are and how we pick, train and employ these individuals is a secret. The reason it’s a secret is because if the enemy groups know who are agents are they kill our agents. They don’t kill them slow either, the agents get tortured, for very long periods of time, and guess what enhanced interrogation techniques are not illegal in foreign countries. The enemy will torture our agents for information such as how many are there, what do they know, how do they get the intel back to the US, oh and because our enemies are sadistic fuckers and like to hurt people.And in-spite of the dangers we have people willing to go into enemy controlled territory and try and gain intelligence. Why do these patriots do this you ask? Simple because they have faith knowing that our government will never sell them out and give out their names to our enemies, and God forbid if they do get caught we will go in and get them.

Well that was true until Obama was elected. Ever since Obama we have given out more national secrets than any time else. Lets start with his crowning achievement, the killing of bin Laden. Going in a Top Secret helicopter that very few people in the world knew about, hell most of the people in the Military had no idea we had it. So it went down, shit happens in combat, the SeAls blew it up and continued mission. There were pieces of the chopper that didn’t get destroyed and were to big to carry out, instead of launching a drone strike and destroying the pieces, or after they already knew we were there, sending in a DART (Downed Aircraft Recovery Team), to either recover or destroy the pieces that could have been reverse engineered, he let the Pakistani government keep the pieces and give full access of them to Chinese engineers. That was mistake one. Mistake two, naming SeAL Team Six as the warriors that carried out the mission. SeAL Team Six is an above Top Secret group. They are the elite of the elite, and because they are so good they already have enemies. Now by Obama telling the world SeAL Team Six killed bin Laden he just put a target on every SeAL operator and their families, good one boss.

Then there was the Top Secret stealth drone that the Iranians got their hands on, what does Obama do? Does he send in a team to destroy the drone? No. Does he launch a Tomahawk Missile strike to destroy the drone? No. He asked Ahmadinejad for it back, yeah right. So now a government that has already made their hatred for the US known has a Top Secret drone, with all the TS info in collected, and all the secret squirrel equipment working and is reverse engineering it. Yeah the electronic intel equipment can be dealt with, but what gets me is he let 2 governments Iran and Pakistan who have already shown disdain for the US gain our stealth technology.

Now comes the leak of the CIA Op that thwarted the next generation of underwear bomber. Not only did his administration leak our own CIA involvement, he leaked the fact that the Saudi and British governments helped us. Way to out your friends blue falcon. This Op was a success, no doubt about it, but leaking it to the media, really? Read the article about this latest security lapse here.

The people who put all these Ops together, go through a serious background check, they go through the magnifying glass, and get their life history gone through with a fine tooth comb. They are given clearances that the average American can not get. They sign all sorts of paperwork swearing them to secrecy. The Ops themselves are classified and are supposed to be sealed until such a time when their opening will not reveal active security measures or put those involved in danger. And the classification period is a whole  lot longer than one day.The reason for the secrecy and classification is to prevent foreign entities from knowing how we operate and gather intelligence, and to protect those who participate in these missions. We have places like CIA headquarters, Area 51 in Nevada, Cheyenne Mountain in the Mid West, and other areas where the government operates in secrecy for a reason. There are pieces of equipment, tactics, techniques and procedures the government is working on that are vital to our national security that the average American does not need to know about. Simply because the average American has no clue about OPSEC and would spill everything they know just because someone asked them about it. They are not actively divulging those secrets, they just don’t know any better.

The only reason I can see for Obama allowing the leaking of this classified information is he is trying to use it as political leverage in his reelection bid. He is playing with not only American lives, but the lives of our friends in danger and this is unacceptable. I know it’s in the human psyche to be curious, but this is nothing you need to know. We have secrets for a reason.


2 thoughts on “Stop giving away our national secrets Mr. President

  1. Really? Every single piece of supposed top secret info you mention was easily available on the web long before Obama- not least of which the classic resource- Janes Defense Weekly. And if you actually served- you are well aware of the terms- SNAFU and FUBAR. Shit happens. (remember Gary Powers?) Sometimes destruction of the evidence is a pipe dream- one that will create far more problems…

    On the other hand- should we talk about the Bush administration outing a CIA agent- putting her, her family, and every bloody one of her contacts life in danger?

    • So Obama naming SeAL Team Six immediately after the mission was on line already? I would love to know how since very few people knew of SeAL Team Six prior to the mission, and none of them would have leaked the info. No one knew who was living in that compound in Pakistan so how did it get on the net prior to the mission?
      And as for you calling my service into question, I have been in the Army for almost 20 years, have multiple combat tours, and have worked hand in hand with Navy SeALs and Army Special Forces. SNAFU and FUBAR are ways of life, but when it comes to letting our Top Secret equipment fall into enemy hands, even after a mission error is unthinkable. That’s why we have teams that specialize in getting it back.
      Let’s talk about the Bush administration, yes the CIA Agent was outed, but that led back to a failure at the CIA not with the President giving his approval for the release. All of the incidents I have mentioned have happened with Obama’s express approval. He is a failure at a President you can not spin this any other way.

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