Are you kidding me?

Apparently the State of New York has deemed viewing child pornography on a computer is not a crime. (Read the article here.)

Seriously? Watching it is not a crime? In order to be a crime an individual has to “exceed mere viewing to encompass more affirmative acts of control, such as printing, downloading or saving,” How the hell do you think it even gets put online to be viewed?  It has to happen, a child has to be violated and abused for it even to be video taped. This ruling by the NY Supreme Court embarrasses me as a New Yorker.

Everyone, in all states, needs to call their state representatives and ensure this is not even an issue in their state. I urge everyone in New York to call their state representatives and make sure this is criminalized. I also urge my fellow New Yorkers to demand that any state supreme court justice that judged viewing of child porn not be illegal, to be removed from the bench. If they allow this horrendous crime to go unpunished how can we trust their judgement in any other crime.


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