We’ll just throw more money at it, that will work

After pouring billions of dollars at failed stimulus packages Obama wants congress to pass another jobs stimulus package at a cost of 447 billion dollars. He claims this bill will create jobs. His last one did so well, just ask Solyndra and Fisker, an electric car company, who took the money and opened a plant in Finland.

Now he wants another half a trillion dollars to create more jobs, not mentioning his last stimulus package is still being paid for by the taxpayers. He doesn’t say where this money is supposed to come from. Is he serious? He thinks by throwing money at something it will fix it, well it hasn’t worked so far. In his newest package he outlines a program to help homeowners refinance their mortgages, a proposal to give small businesses tax breaks for hiring more workers, a program that would help veterans find jobs, and an extension of tax credits for clean-energy companies.

How about he stops throwing good money after bad ideas. If he is really serious about getting people to work how about he uses the money to actually hire people. The government has buildings that have fallen into disrepair, hire people to fix them up and then sell them, it’s a win-win, people work and it would result in real estate sales that would help pay for this program. I’m not a rocket scientist but that seems like a better option.

I am fed up with him spending my tax dollars on worthless programs without any benefits to the country. We need to evict him in November.  CLEAN HOUSE 2012!!!

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2 thoughts on “We’ll just throw more money at it, that will work

  1. Maybe you should check your facts? The money that went to Fisker went to design, engineering, marketing and sales work- all done in the US with American jobs. The second round of funding went to the plant they are building in the US at the shuttered GM plant in Delaware.

    And lets not forget- while Obama signed the bill- it was started by congress at the end of the Bush administration. Nearly $300 billion was tax credits- nearly 4/5ths- $231 Billion – to American citizens. And while the right loves to hard on Solyandra et al- that was not even 1% of the stimulus…

    • I bet you still believe Obama is going to give you free money. That plant they are building in Delaware has actually already been opened in Finland. They have no plans to open a plant in the US. Where are those jobs now that Fisker is in Finland?
      And as for Solyndra do your homework, Bush denied their request for funding do to the instability of the company. Obama fast tracked funding for it because they donated to his election campaign.
      If you were to look into it Obama has thrown more money at failed policies than any president before him. He is a failure admit it. He lied and people bought it.

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