Illegal is illegal period

I personally take offense at any legislation that grants automatic citizenship to anyone, especially what is called anchor babies. An anchor baby is a baby born in the US to non US citizens. Pe0ple from foreign countries who know they are ineligible for citizenship come to the US just in time for their baby to be born here, the child is granted citizenship and it is almost guaranteed the parents will be granted theirs.The problem I have is this loop-hole to the immigration law allows people who wouldn’t be able be here through proper channels to back door themselves into citizenship. I have personally dealt with immigration when I was getting my 2nd wife, who is a foreigner, to legally get her green card. I know many soldiers who have done this, some are granted and some are denied, but they do it the right way. I spent almost 5 thousand dollars in my case. We have laws for a reason, and skipping around the law needs to be stopped.

Now we have in congress the DREAM Act which will grant citizenship to children who are enrolled in school. Basically free citizenship. So does that mean the government will pay back all the money people like me spent to do the right thing? I doubt it, this is a slap in the face of everyone who did it legally. Well the bill has stalled in the Senate through the use of a filibuster. Basically a Senator is delaying the vote by debating the bill to death. I honestly do not think this bill should be passed, if they are here illegally deport them, they are breaking the law. We should not be making it easier for them to get here, we should be making it harder, especially in this time of global terrorism.

Now here is where this story gets interesting, 3 students who are DREAM Act eligible, if the bill hasn’t passed yet how can anyone be eligible for it? Well these students are SUING Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr., who is president of the Senate, and three top officers of the chamber: the secretary of the Senate, the parliamentarian and the sergeant-at-arms. These students claim the filibuster is violating the Constitution, well what do you call being here illegally? (Read the full article here.) Instead of even humoring these illegal aliens we should be deporting them. Because what is going on right now is the Dems are saying it’s okay to break some laws. I just want to know what would happen if a murderer used this as a precedent to get out of being convicted. If the Dems are going to look the other way at one crime how can they justify prosecuting others?

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