Terrorists are not common criminals

There is an amendment to the Defense authorization bill that would grant US legal rights to terrorists. The amendment spearheaded by Reps. Justin Amash (R., Mich.) and Adam Smith (D., Wash), would allow terrorism suspects to be tried in civilian court and housed in American jails and prisons. Read the full article here.

I am personally offended that these 2 elected officials would want to grant American rights to terror suspects. I have lost over 5000 brothers and sisters in arms, 7 that I personally knew in the War on Terror, and I do not want enemy combatants tried in any civilian court. They are Enemy Prisoners of War and should be treated as such,  that means being held in a Military detention center and tried by a Military Tribunal.

I urge everyone to call their Congressmen and Representatives and demand this amendment be shot down. I urge all of you in the districts these 2 represent to fire them. They are undermining our Military and the President by writing this amendment. Tell your elected officials you care more about your Military than you do those terrorists who wish to destroy our great country.


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