He did enough damage

With the elections coming in November, I urge everyone to do their homework. Look at all sides of every candidate. Do not look at color, or creed, or religious affiliation. Look at the person. Obama had 4 years to help this country, 4 years to fix our economy, 4 years to make us better. He failed. Look at all of his policies, not one of them was successful. He has presided over the worst government administration we have ever had. His flagship policy has been challenged in the Supreme Court and is likely to be ruled unconstitutional. He has had nothing but scandal and failure to accept his faults. His citizenship has been called into question and he can not definitively prove he was born in the US, on the other hand it has been shown time and again where he claims he was born in Kenya. He has spent billions of dollars trying to fix our economy and it has fallen deeper into recession.

I was never a fan of Obama, I did not vote for him. I will not vote for him in November. I think he has proved he is unqualified to be president. Not only has he failed to improve our country, he has actually given away our global superiority. He has given away Top Secret military information, he has given away billions of dollars, he has given away our country. I do not know who will win the elections in November, but I do know that as long as it isn’t Obama, we can not do any worse than we are now. If it is Obama then our country is doomed, and we will cease to exist as the United States of America.


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