What about this being the US confuses you?

I applaud the Governor of Kansas in signing a bill banning courts from using  Islamic and other non US laws when making decisions. On the other hand I am offended that he had to pass this law. (Read the article here.)The law says nothing specifically about sharia law, it only reiterates that US law is the only law that will be followed.

What upsets me even more is this Council on American-Islamic Relations in Washington is pissed and denounced the Kansas law and said it is considering legal action. WTF?? Are you serious? This is not the middle east, if you want to live under this barbaric law go live in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Afghanistan, or some other Muslim controlled government. Do not come to this country and demand we live under your laws, you come here you live under our laws. You are guaranteed the right to practice your religion, not rewrite our constitution.

This goes for the socialist, and communists, and Marxists. We have a constitution, and laws here. You come here for a better life, that means you don;t like the government you left, so why the hell are you trying to change our government into the one you hate? It makes no sense. If you don’t like our laws it’s simple STAY THE HELL OUT.

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