Requiring ID to vote is not blocking any citizen from voting

I just want to know why Obama and his top law enforcement official Eric Holder believe that requiring ID to vote is aimed at minorities? Holder has recently told a group of black church leaders that the right to vote is under assault. How?  (Read the article here.) The right to vote is granted to citizens, not to people here illegally, and not to felons, so how is requiring ID to ensure that the voter is who they say they are and are legal to vote and assault on the right to vote?

I joke around with my friends about illegal aliens being “undocumented democrats,” that’s why Obama wants to stop any law requiring ID to vote. But this is no joke, it is a direct assault on the Constitution by even allowing the chance that anyone not allowed to vote to be able to vote. And by allowing anyone who is not authorized to vote, to vote, the Obama administration is aiding and abetting felons, which in itself is a crime.

I am sick and tired of those we elected to represent and uphold the Constitution, turning around and trying to destroy it. If people are so upset with our laws and our Constitution as written by our founding fathers, and want to have a socialist government then why don’t they move to an already established one? I hear Cuba, and Venezuela are nice this time of year. The reason they don’t is because they don’t want to live under a socialist government, they want to rule a socialist government, and in the process destroy our country.

I say no, this will not happen. We will not sit by and watch our country destroyed by a socialist, anti-American president or his cronies. He has done enough damage and needs to go.


CLEAN HOUSE 2012!!!!


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