The ultimate form of disrespect is to lie about your service.

I am proud of my Military service, I am honored to have been able to serve my country and defend her in war. I have served with some of the finest men and women In the world. I have also felt the sadness that goes along with losing some of my best friends, men I called my brothers, in combat. I think about them all the time, I remember them, I honor them, I think about and pray for the families they left behind.

And then there are people like Mike Wilson. Mike Wilson says that he was in the Army and that his MOS, or Military Occupational Specialty, was classified, he claims to be a former member of Special Forces. Yet he blabs all about it on Facebook. He claims he was whitewashed, never heard of it in my 20 years in the Army, he claims his name was changed, yet his friends call him out on it. He threatens people who call his bluff, he claims he can get his old team together and have all their heads in all aspects of the law. His personal quote on his Facebook page is, “fuck the government, fuck society. if all the Government and society wants to do is control you then FUCK em. HILE THE REBELLION DAMNIT,” I have never heard any member of the Special Forces community say that, they have more respect for our country than that. You can see his profile here –

Mike here is just the latest in a long line of fakes. It sickens me to see people like him. If he did serve in the Army then that is all that matters, he’s part of less than 1% to do that, so why must he make up the classified BS? Is he so insecure in his service that he needs to steal other people’s service records? He is a jack ass, and he is the reason why the Stolen Valor Act needs to be reinstated.

3 thoughts on “The ultimate form of disrespect is to lie about your service.

  1. mechinfantrygod THANK YOU for blowing this disgraceful piece of crap out of the water. I too am VERY PROUD of my Military service and that of my husband, Grampa, Uncle, Brothers, Cousins and Best Friend. Pieces of crap like this sicken me to my core!

    • It’s a shame that it’s illegal to pretend to be a Police Officer, a Fire Fighter, a Paramedic, and a Government official, but any jack wagon can pretend to be a Soldier, Sailor, Airmen, Marine, or Coast Guardsmen, and lie about their service. It sickens me.

  2. it is really ultimate disrespectful to lie about your service and saying your military just to get women to go out with you really disrespectful to the people in service that are risking there lives . warning if you see i guy that is claiming he is military don’t believe him the guys name is Lance if your in the bitter root valley.

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