We understand and we like it that way.

World Wars have started when governments have said, “We are simply forcing you to understand.” It doesn’t matter what good they think they are trying to “force” us to do, it is nothing more than a power grab by the elitist few. When you start regulating a private citizen’s life to the point of what they can or can not drink because of the risk of obesity, you are crossing a line towards tyranny.As adult human beings we should be smart enough, yeah there are some none to bright people out their, but generally we understand the risks of drinking sugary drinks, and you know what we don’t care. There are so many things in this world that are bad for us, why are you messing with one of our small joys in this world? Michael Bloomberg you are not a God or a King, but with this law you are forcing down our throats you are taking another step towards being a Tyrant. See the video of Bloomberg trying to sugar coat his power grab here.

-Yes the federal government has already tread all over that line with the healthcare mandate, and the numerous tries at fast tracking citizenship for illegal aliens who have checkered pasts the say the least. And with their push to outlaw voter ID laws, they pretty much flipped the bird at the Constitution. Which to me and the more than 1 million Service Members who have fought to defend the Constitution is a slap in the face to our sacrifices, and it is the ultimate disrespect to those who have given their lives for it.

I don’t know if you guys in office realize this but this is AMERICA, not the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic (which by the way failed because socialism DOES NOT WORK), this is not the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea (North Korea), Cuba (which is failing), or China. We revolted against a King who was doing exactly what you people are doing right now, taking power he was not granted by “WE the People,” we went to war against our brothers for Government laws we did not agree with. We do sit idly by an let Tyrants and Despots take our country from us. We will come out in force this November and evict those in power who are trying to destroy this country.

We understand exactly what we are doing and guess what we like it that way!


CLEAN HOUSE 2012!!!!

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