Talk about a slap in the face

The board of trustees for the Metropolitan State College of Denver have voted to decrease tuition rates for illegal aliens. Why? Why are they rewarding illegals while punishing American citizens? Is it me or aren’t these illegal aliens breaking the law? I mean isn’t that the definition of illegal?

One illegal student, Sarahi Hernandez, who was interviewed said the only difference between her and citizen students is a social security number, um no the difference is you’re breaking the law and they are not. One of the requirements to get the lower tuition rate is the illegal alien students must promise to gain lawful residence once they graduate, isn’t that like letting a burglar rob a house and not send him to jail if he promises to not do that again? Hernandez also said students like her deserve lower tuition rates, again no, you are breaking the law and you deserve a jail cell, then deportation, not special favors. Read the article here.

Giving illegal aliens cheaper tuition, and not prosecuting them sends the wrong message. Not only does it tell hardworking American students that it’s okay to break the law if you promise to not to it again. It also tells them that they are not as deserving of cheaper tuition because they are doing the right thing.  This is a slap in the face to all the truly deserving American students.

Since the federal and state governments, except of course Arizona which is actually trying to enforce immigration law, are picking and choosing which laws they want to enforce it is setting a dangerous precedent. Since they have already shown some laws don’t have to be enforced I wonder how long it will be before criminals use that as an excuse to not be convicted, if some people can blatantly disobey laws why can’t everyone?

We need to tell our congressmen and our president that this stops now. We should not be rewarding criminal activity.



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