A Warriors life is a lonely a lonely life

There is a special breed of man,  a man who is made for one thing and only one thing, that is the Warrior. A Warrior is a fighter, he fights not because he loves to fight. He fights because he loves enough to defend those that can not defend themselves. The Warrior has pledged his life in the defense of those he loves, and those he loves will never know his name.

Every person dies, that is a given. A Warrior knows he will die, and embraces death. A Warrior does not want to die, yet he knows he will, and dying protecting those unable to protect themselves is worth it. The Warrior goes into danger with the knowledge death is imminent, yet he goes any way. When normal people hear a gunshot they run away, when the Warrior hears a gunshot he runs toward it. He will give his life so that others may live, and he is happy to do it. For a Warrior dying old and toothless in bed is almost unbearable. He would much rather go down in a blaze of glory. That’s not quite right though, a Warrior seeks neither fame nor fortune, he seeks a better life for those he loves.

People think a Warrior is only around to fight. This is nowhere near the truth. Normal society will ever understand a Warriors way of life, except for the Warrior. “Normal” people do not understand how a Warrior can sacrifice so much. how he can live without the creature comforts of everyday life. A Warrior goes days without a hot meal, weeks without a shower, and what seems like for ever without the love of another person. Yet he loves his life, because it has a meaning that very few will ever know. For most people the meaning of life is a big bank account, a fancy car, and a big house. For the Warrior the meaning of his life is the joy he sees in others lives improving, a child who can now go to school, a village that now has a hospital, a city that now lives without fear of evil people. Tyrants and Despots have for years used human shields to protect themselves, the Warrior IS the human shield between that Tyrant and those he oppresses.

A Warrior is also a human, and wants to be happy. Happiness is relative though. For some happiness is getting home from work and having a beer, for others going to the beach, others find happiness in a nightclub. For a Warrior true happiness would be the end of his usefulness. No one wants to see the end of war as much as the Warrior, for the end of war means that no one needs protection.

Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends, is what  John 15:13 says. I disagree. I believe; greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his for his fellow-man. It takes a love beyond what people consider normal to go into a foreign land and protect people you do not know, but a Warrior does it without question. And as much love as a Warrior has for his fellow-man, few people who can love a Warrior. People believe a Warrior is incapable of anything but death and destruction, nothing could be farther from the truth. A true Warrior does not take joy in killing or destroying. A true Warrior will only take another life as a last resort, and will go out of his way to avoid destruction. It takes a special person to love a Warrior.

The life of a Warrior is not glamorous, or financially rewarding. It is not a life any one decides to live. It is a life a man is born into.

A Warriors life is a Lonely life.

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