Who the hell does the UN think it is?

The UN is at it again, now they want to tax major US internet sites such as Google, Facebook, Apple, and Netflix. (read the article here) The UN agency called the International Telecommunication Union, is looking at a European proposal to tax these sites and their American network providers for the privilege of serving non-US markets. So these European companies think it is a privilege to serve emerging markets, and that our companies should pay, what could amount to billions of dollars in taxes, to provide internet access to developing countries. The fact that the UN is even considering this should serve as a wake up call to America. This is just another regulation aimed at making America subservient to the rest of the world. Hamadoun Toure the head of  UNs International Telecommunication Union (ITU), the committee that will be overseeing the vote on the measure, said this measure is not about who runs the internet but instead how to ensure the free flow of information. The “free” flow of information, then why are you even considering taxing any service provider?  Doesn’t making some one pay, no matter who it is, nullify the idea of free? How stupid do you have to be to say you want something to flow freely, then consider making some one pay for it? Especially when a company is providing some thing to poor nations for free already. American internet web providers get paid through advertisement revenue and charge nothing for people to use them, isn’t this already a free flow of information?

The fact that the conglomerate of European countries was trying to keep this secret should say something about their motives. If they actually thought this would be good for the world they would have come right out and said, “Hey international community this is what we’re planning…” But they tried to hide it. The fact that this is specifically aimed at American companies should send up another red flag. This is just another try at making America subservient to the rest of the world. It proves that the UN has outlasted it’s usefulness. As if it was ever useful to begin with.

This is a blatant attack on American companies by European companies that can not compete with out help. No matter what the misguided head of the UN ITU thinks this is a direct attack on the free flow of information. This measure would allow governments greater regulation of the internet.  This is another step towards a New World Order, one in which the US is subservient, where  the US is relegated to an observation role, and that is not acceptable.

Approval of this measure would be a mistake, it is not the only mistake the UN has ever made. I can think of one major mistake they have made recently and that is the election of Iran to the committee for women’s rights. Like Iran knows anything about women’s rights other than how to deny them.

The UN is grabbing power they should not have, and the world is letting it happen. The best thing the US can do at this point is pull out of the UN and kick them out of the country. The US is not subservient to anyone, and we should not accept being forced into that position.

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