Open season on Police has been declared in Indiana

The first ever law allowing citizens to use deadly force against Police Officers. (Read the article here.) The law states that citizens can shoot public servants, including Police Officers, who enter their houses illegally. I personally think this is a bad idea. Any law that gives people the right to shoot at law enforcement officials sends the wrong message. There are never any circumstances where it should be legal to shoot at cops.

What this law is going to do is make Police Officers second guess their decisions. What you get when Police start second guessing their actions is more crime and criminals who are no longer afraid of the Police. This law reminds me of the Rules of Engagement we operated under in combat, where Soldiers are getting charged with crimes for doing their jobs. When you have someone who is placed in a position to help protect people and then tie their hands with laws like this you get innocent people killed.

There will be instances where Police do not have time to get a warrant, such as when chasing a criminal and he goes in a house, the cop has a choice to make, go after the crook or not because who ever is in that house might shoot at him. When you have scenarios like this you have to trust your Police and their judgement, that’s what they get paid for. Granted there may be a few bad apples but to enact a law like this that targets all of them, you are in effect saying you trust none of them. When you give any hint you do not trust them you lose faith with them, and once that faith is gone you can never get it back.

What we as a country need is to take back our government, both state and federal. The government has gotten too big, and too out of control. When people fear the government you have tyranny, when the government fears the people you have liberty. Right now I believe our government does not have the fear that we will vote them out of office when they screw up, and we as the people are fearing what our government is going to do next. Our country is in the middle of one of the worst economic crisis’ ever, and our government is blaming the people for it instead of taking responsibility and fixing it. We need to fix this.

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