How is giving illegal aliens anything but deportation the right thing to do?

Recently the a secret report was leaked by the Obama administration revising rules for the Customs and Border Patrol on detention and deportation of illegal aliens. The report outlines what is known in the government as “Prosecutorial Discretion.” Prosecutorial Discretion is a policy that provides circumstances when to pursue enforcement actions … and includes detailed discussion of several factors CBP personnel should consider when exercising discretion. What that means is just because the CBP comes across an illegal alien, the very fact that they are in the country illegally should not be the deciding factor of whether to deport them or not.  Hold up, wait what? Isn’t that whole purpose the CBP exists, to stop illegal aliens from getting in to the country, and if they find them arrest and deport them? (Read the article here.)

Laura L. Lichter, president-elect of the American Immigration Lawyers Association said “It’s a bit odd to have that huge function in terms of patrolling the borders and some of the enforcement activities that take place just this side of the border not be part of the same policy — it’s frankly just kind of odd.” She was talking about the fact that Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE) already follows this prosecutorial discretion policy. Mrs. Lichter wants CBP to follow this policy also, not because she believes in the policy itself, rather because she wants all illegal immigrants given citizenship whether they should get it or not. She is behind Obama’s push to grant back door citizenship to illegals.

Add to this drastic shift in immigration enforcement, Obama has announced he is pushing a jobs initiative FOR ILLEGAL ALIENS. Yes that’s right Obama wants to give work visas to illegal aliens. As if there weren’t enough jobs for Americans before, he is making the chances of Americans getting those smaller bu now allowing illegals to openly apply for the few jobs out there. When challenged by a reporter on this Obama responded by saying,”This is the right thing to do for the American people.” How is giving jobs to illegal aliens over American citizens the right thing to do? How is allowing illegal aliens to come to our country and having free reign with out the fear of arrest or deportation in any way right for the country? (See a video and read the article here.)

As someone who had to fight with ICE/CBP and the state department to get my former wife in the country legally I take this as a direct slap in my face. It took me 3 years and $5000 to get her here legally, and I was active duty Army at the time. So am I getting that time and money back if he grants blanket citizenship? The answer is no, and neither is anyone else who did it right.

I said it before and I’ll say it again Obama was never qualified to be president, he had no experience, not intelligence and no chance of ever doing the right thing for this country. You can see by the fact that almost every policy of his administration failed, and numerous policies have faced judicial review. The fact that he is pushing these immigration reforms now shows just how tenuous his grasp on reelection is. He knows the American people are fed up with his failure, so now he’s recruiting the illegal aliens, or as I call them undocumented democrats. There is only one way this policy will end and that is verrrry bad. Please I beg you do not fall for his lies a second time. Vote him out in November. CLEAN HOUSE 2012!!!!

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