How bad do you have to be to be likened to Nixon?

In a recent posting from the National Review On-line, Obama has been called the most subversive president since Nixon. Seriously, Nixon was the only president to resign from office in shame. He presided over the biggest controversy in American politics, Watergate. How bad do you have to mess to be likened to Nixon? (Read the article here.)

Bill Clinton was impeached over a sexual liaison with Monica Lewinsky. If a sexual scandal can get Clinton impeached, why can’t blatantly ignoring congress, choosing to ignore American law, and scheming with the Russian president, remember the comment, “I’ll have more flexibility after I’m reelected, get Obama impeached? Granted adultery is a horrendous act, but really what effect would that have had on the country? I believe what Obama is doing is not only illegal but down right treasonous. Leaking classified information to the public, encouraging his Attorney General to lie to congress and withhold information in an ongoing investigation, collusion with foreign powers, these are far more harmful to the country than getting a blow job in the oval office by an intern.

A president is not above the law, he can not just pick and choose what laws to enforce and which he can ignore. If that is the case he can just decide to throw out rem limits, and elections , and become the tyrant he is shaping up to be. He is taking power out of congress that was guaranteed them by the Constitution. When this happens you have tyranny, deciding he can do what ever the hell he wants, sounds a lot like the Roman Emperors of old, Mao Zedong, Hitler, Stalin, Kim Il-sung to name  few. By allowing Obama to continue unpunished is setting a dangerous precedent. America has a long history of dealing with tyrants, and it usually ends very badly for the tyrant.

I am not being racist, I am just being real. A screw up is a screw up regardless of race. And you do have to admit telling congress “screw you I can do anything I want,” then having all those policies fail is a screw up.

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