Thank you Obama

I saw this image on one of my friends Facebook post. I realized how true it is. Returning veterans have a higher unemployment rate than their counterparts in the private sector. So not only is the country asking them to go to war and defend the freedoms our citizens enjoy, but now our president is proving that he cares more about illegal aliens than he does our veterans. And they way he did it borders on illegal, he is the president not the King, he does not have the power to ignore laws enacted by congress.

This is the way tyrants and despots begin, they decide they are above the laws legally enacted in their countries. We all should have taken heed when Obama said he can do this without congress, no he can’t, he proposes laws, congress votes on them and he signs them into law, or he vetoes them and they go back to congress. He can not make or abolish laws, and he certainly can not pick and choose which laws to enforce. And he damn sure can not tell our federal law enforcement agencies how to do their job.

I am not going to sit  back and give him 4 more years to destroy this country. I am going to do my best to get him evicted from the house he never should have been in.


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