This is another reason for the 2nd amendment

The gun control crowd will have you think that guns are the major cause of crime, however only 8% of the 6.3 million violent crimes of rape and sexual assault, robbery, and aggravated and simple assault were committed with a firearm. (Read the statistics here.) Yeah I know it also says that 66% of all murders were due to firearms, of course most people who get shot will die, and those that committed the murders would have done so with a knife if need be. History has shown that countries that prohibit or outlaw guns after ownership was legal have experience increases in crime, the worst was Germany. Hitler took away their guns then took over their country. There is also Australia which  a nearly 45% jump in armed robberies and in the Australian state of Victoria gun homicides have increased an incredible 300%. (Read the article here.)

Last week FBI reported a 4% decrease in crime. 25 years ago only a handful of states had a concealed carry law, today 41 states allow carrying without a permit or have laws that make it easy for non-criminals to obtain concealed carry laws. If these anti gun nuts were right we’d be in the middle of a crime wave, cause you know guns commit crimes not criminals. (Read the article here.)

I just don’t know why some people don’t understand, a gun in the hands of an honest person, a good person, will never do harm. A bad guy will find a way to commit a crime with a gun or not. If you place a loaded gun on a table and leave it there it will stay there, it will not fire, it will not kill, it will just be there. Put that gun in the hands of a bad guy and HE will use it to kill. Put that gun in the a good persons hand and that bad gut will think twice about using his. Simple logic people.


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