When did covering up the murder of an American CBP agent become executive privilege?

For those of you who do not know, this is CBP Agent Brian Terry, he was killed on December 15, 2010. He was on patrol in Nogales, Arizona when he and his team came upon 5 individuals, shots were fired and he was hit in the lower back and mortally wounded. The gun that was used in his murder was traced back to a DOJ/ATF gun running operation named Fast and Furious.

Right now Attorney General Eric Holder is in front of a Congressional panel explaining why he is not responsible for Agent Terry’s death. He is with holding thousands of pages of material that may link the DOJ to Fast and Furious. He is claiming he knew nothing of the operation. Rep. Darrel Issa demanded Holder turn over the pages and Holder has done nothing but stonewall and stall handing the information over.

In a new twist Obama has invoked “Executive Privilege”, claiming the release of the information will hurt the government. (Read the article here.)  The problem here is that by invoking executive privilege Obama is stating that he either knew of the operation or signed off on it. That’s the only way executive privilege works. It is explained by Judge Andrew Napolitano here. So by invoking executive privilege Obama is directly contradicting his earlier statements saying he knew nothing about the case. If in fact he knew about this operation he is complicit in the death of Agent Brian Terry and should be brought to justice. Executive Privilege should not be used as a shield to protect the president from being prosecuted for covering up the murder of a Federal Law Enforcement Agent.

Our Law Enforcement personnel face danger every day from people who want to hurt you and me. Yet the do it any way. They go into danger, and all they expect is our government to be behind them and protect them as they protect us. For Holder and Obama and the rest of his administration to hang Brian Terry out to dry only to protect themselves is disgraceful. Once you lose faith in those who are supposed to have your back, what else do you have?

Holder and now Obama doing everything they can to not hand over those pages to me shows guilt. It shows they have something to hide. If they did nothing wrong why not produce what has been asked for? I have never had much faith in our current administration, this just proves how right I was.



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