How’s this for acceptance

How disrespectful can you get? These people were invited to the White House and this is what they do. The White House is a symbol of this country, it symbolizes the heart and soul of America. No matter what your political views maybe the White House deserves the utmost respect. I don’t give a damn that they’re homosexuals, I give a damn about the utter hatred and disrespect this shows to our country. Matthew Hart(left) and Zoe Strauss(right) got to see the inner sanctum of the White House, a chance few average citizens ever get, and this is what they do. They had the chance to speak with the president and get positive publicity for their cause. This just shows the childishness of these people. Instead of acting like mature adults and talking to the president and getting their message out there, they act like naughty children. For me this makes me not even care what their cause is or how noble it may be, with people like this representing it, it just became a joke. (Read the article here.)

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