A parents worst nightmare

Picture this your young children are at home alone on a sunny summer afternoon. The doorbell rings, the children don’t answer because they don’t know the woman. Then comes banging on the door, then an armed man crashes through a window with a gun. As a parent this scenario scares the shit out of me. And as a parent it should scare you also. (Read the article here.)

A situation exactly like this happened in Phoenix Arizona. A 14-year-old boy was babysitting his three younger siblings when a woman rang his doorbell, not knowing who this woman was he didn’t answer the door. Then someone started banging on the front door. Hearing this the boy took his siblings upstairs into his parents bedroom. When they got up there they heard someone crash through a window. The 14-year-old grabbed a gun from his parents bedroom and went to see what was going on, he saw a man coming through the window with a gun. In order to protect his siblings he shot and critically wounded the intruder.

This story had a happy ending, every child in that house was able to see their parents again. And a very bad man ended up on his way to jail where he belongs. This story could have had a very different ending though.

There are people in this country and in our government who would say anyone who has a gun is a danger to us all, that all guns are evil and only cause crime. Well I beg to differ and this story proves them wrong. An armed man breaks into a house in broad daylight, a house where only children are home. Do you think he was there selling vacuums? No he was there with very bad intentions, and I doubt those children would have lived through his visit. Had this boy not acted the way he did this would be the obituary of four young children.This is a perfect example of the need for the second amendment. Had the gun control nuts gotten their wish and made it illegal to own a gun, these children would not be here, and their parents would be grieving the loss of their children. Instead they are rejoicing in the safety of their children.

So for all of those out there who say guns are evil and only do harm, tell that to these kids. Because thanks to a young man who had the presence of mind to use a gun for protection, they are still here to talk to.

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