Homeland Security sticks their tongue out at Arizona

In response to the Supreme Courts ruling allowing Arizona to check immigration status on those suspected of being in the country illegally Homeland Security officially ended its agreement to allow Arizona’s law enforcement agencies to check citizenship of suspected illegals. Homeland went so far as to say they will not respond if asked by Arizona officials to take illegal immigrants into custody unless the detainees had criminal backgrounds or had repeatedly violated immigration rules. (Read the article here.)

Isn’t being in the country illegally a crime? Or do we need more crimes like the one reported out of South Carolina about Loretta Robinson. Mrs Robinson not only lost her son to an illegal alien who was driving drunk, but then when Anna Gonzales, the illegal alien drunk driver, didn’t have the money Mrs. Robinson was made to pay to tow the vehicles, and recently was given the bill to clean up her deceased sons blood off the road. (Read the story here.) This is just one example in the past 2 days. Or are we going to continue to look the other way on illegal aliens because of Obama’s aunt and uncle, who are here illegally? His uncle who was arrested for drunk driving, not only was he not deported, he didn’t even lose his license, the judge gave it back to him because it was a hardship for him with out one.

Lat I heard this was the United States of America, not the land of the free ride for illegal aliens.

According to an article written by the Center for Immigration Studies, an independent, non-partisan, non-profit, research organization, these low priority illegals are not so low priority after all. Here are a few examples-

August 18, 2011 — Santa Rosa, Calif.

In Santa Rosa, Calif., illegal immigrant Marcos Lopez Garcia allegedly struck and killed 4-year-old Christopher “Buddy” Rowe while he was walking in a cross walk with his mother and siblings. According to reports, Garcia, who was driving without a license, fled the scene. A good Samaritan listening in on a police scanner spotted Garcia’s car and apparently saw Garcia peeling a Giants sticker from the back window in an apparent effort to hide any distinguishing features. The man then saw Garcia hop into a different vehicle driven by a female and reported the license plate to the police.

According to court records Garcia had been convicted in 2010 of driving without a license. Reportedly he has a total of two previous arrests for driving without a license, one of which occurred only five days before the hit and run. Despite his illegal immigrant status, Garcia was never handed over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Even if he had been, driving without a license is not a high priority offense that would lead to deportation under the Obama administration’s calculations.

Garcia’s vehicle was not impounded because Open-borders advocates have been busy pressuring police departments to not impound vehicles because the policy is “disproportionately effecting undocumented immigrants.”

August 20, 2011 — Milford, Mass.

Two days after four-year-old Christopher Rowe was struck, an illegal alien in Milford, Mass. by the name of Nicholas Guaman allegedly killed motorcyclist Matthew Denice in a drunk driving accident. Guaman allegedly hit Denice and then proceeded to drag him a quarter of a mile to his death. Guaman is charged with vehicular homicide, driving under the influence of alcohol, leaving the scene of an accident involving personal injury and death, possession of an open container, failing to stop for police, unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle, failure to yield at a stop sign, wanton or reckless conduct creating risk to a child (Guaman’s son was in the vehicle with him), and resisting arrest. After he was stopped, a witness reported that Guaman’s six-year-old son got out of the truck and started punching and kicking police officers, demanding that they leave his father alone.

According to law enforcement, Guaman has been arrested three times since 2007 for driving without a license in Milford, Uxbridge, and Attleboro. Guaman also served one year of probation from May 2008 to May 2009 for charges that included assault and battery on a police officer and assault on a firefighter after a 2008 incident in which he interfered with the treatment of a family member who had allegedly attempted to break into someone else’s home.

None of these incidents was enough to piqué ICE’s interest in getting Guaman removed from the country. As is the apparent rule, an illegal alien must kill or seriously injure someone before deportation becomes a possibility.

August 21, 2011 — Brenham, Texas

Only a day after the killing of Matthew Denice, yet another tragic event occurred. While driving drunk in Brenham, Texas, illegal immigrant Roberto Castillo allegedly killed four people in a car crash. The victims were 22-year-old Rachel Ann Dominguez, 20-year-old Imelda Yajaira-Sukey Duran, 19-year-old Guillermo Gonzales Delgado, and 19-year-old Ronald Barrios Mendez. Castillo allegedly ran from the scene but was quickly picked by law enforcement.

A few weeks prior to the crash, Castillo was arrested for driving under the influence. But because of ICE priorities and the Obama administration’s decision to give illegal immigrants like Castillo a pass, he was not turned over to federal authorities. According to the report:

Chief Deputy Mike Herzog said it’s doubtful that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents were contacted about Castillo’s arrest and illegal alien status.

“At that time, ICE was only taking Class B and above (offenders),” Herzog said. “This was a Class C misdemeanor.”

Castillo is now facing legal consequences and potential deportation, but again, it required death and bloodshed before ICE took his illegal status seriously. Instead of deporting Castillo when he first crossed paths with law enforcement, he was released back out onto the streets. A drunk-driving and/or unlicensed illegal alien remains a low priority under the Obama administration’s direction, but a significant threat to public safety.

Yeah yeah yeah I hear in the background screaming there are citizens that do this also and no one is crying foul over that. Uh yes they are. People all over the US are doing what they can to eliminate drunk driving in the US, including – MADD- Mothers Against Drunk Driving, SADD- Students Against Drunk Driving, TADD -Teens Against Drunk Driving, FADD- Fathers Against Drunk Driving, and numerous others. Drunk driving is unacceptable, yet when committed by people who are not supposed to be here any way, and our elected officials are doing everything they can to allow these people to stay here and offend again and again it is tragic. I believe that any government official local, state, or federal, who allows these offenders to stay and they commit another crime, those officials should be tried as accessories to the crime.


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