WTF is wrong with this guy?

Under the most holy emperor Obama with house salaries have risen twice. Now the White House salaries are up over $37 million. (Read the article here.) This includes up to 26 assistants for the first lady. Why does she need that many? Is that hard to plan vacations?

Now on the flip side, while he has no problem paying his staffers, Obama has said he will veto the Defense Department appropriations bill unless it includes higher healthcare fees for the Military. (Read the article here.) He wants to cut billions from the defense budget, but he has no qualms about hiring and paying unneeded people into his administration.

Haven’t the Military members paid for their healthcare enough? Isn’t the blood sweat and tears, and the loss of brothers and sisters in arms enough to pay for our healthcare? What else does he want from us conscription?

Congress is paid almost $2 million a year, while the average Soldier is paid around $40K. And now they want us to pay for healthcare, which by the way they don’t pay for? What is wrong with this picture?

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