Remember the meaning behind today.


236 years ago today a group of men stood up to a king and told him they will not continue to live under his tyranny. They had enough of the oppressive tyrant who levied high taxes on them and refused to let them have a say in they way they were governed. They were branded criminals and traitors and threatened with death for standing up to the king. This group of men rallied a rag-tag bunch of farmers, plantation owners, and businessmen into an army ready to stand against what was arguably the greatest army of the time.

Those men, people like Benjamin Franklin, John Hancock, John Adams, Samuel Adams, John Penn, and William Whipple, helped draft what would become the most important document in our nations history, The Declaration of Independence. It was a written declaration telling King George III that we no longer accept his rule and we are now our own country.

That group of rag-tag soldiers under the leadership of George Washington not only stood up to, but defeated the British army. The American army during this revolution were not only outnumbered but they were very ill-equipped to face the brutal winters of Pennsylvania. They resorted to wrapping their feet with rags due to lack of shoes. But what this army lacked in resources they more than made up for in heart and will to win.

On July 4th, 1776 we declared our independence from tyranny and fought to secure it. Because of the willingness of these men to lay down their lives against a superior army, we have the freedoms we do today. As you celebrate with family and friends today please remember how we came to enjoy all the freedoms you have. As you are having a cookout or watching the fireworks tonight with your family, please remember there are still Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, and Coat Guardsmen overseas away from their families fighting to uphold these freedoms. And I ask a special favor please say a prayer as you go about your day for the souls and the families of those who have gone to war for our country and made the ultimate sacrifice and never came home.

For the past 236 years Americans have fought for our freedom , and they will continue to fight until war becomes obsolete. Freedom is not free and we will continue to pay that price so American can remain the greatest nation in the world. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!


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