The islamification of America continues.

Congressman Andre Carson has a brilliant idea for our schools, he wants to model them after Islamic Madrassas. “America will never tap into educational innovation and ingenuity without looking at the model that we have in our Madrassas, in our schools where innovation is encouraged. Where the foundation is the Koran,” Rep. Andre Carson (D-Indiana) said at the ICNA-MAS convention at the end of May.(See the video here.) He wants to have our children go to a school where the Koran is the foundation of learning.

For those who don’t know a Madrassa is an Islamic religious school, or as we referred to them terrorist training schools. Yeah I know there may be some Madrassas that actually try to teach children actual school work, but 9 out of 10 I have seen have an underlying hatred of America and the responsibility of all “good muslims” to wage Jihad on us. And as far as innovation being encouraged at a Madrassa, the only innovation they teach is how men should discipline their women, such innovating ways as pouring acid in their faces, stoning them to death, and my favorite how to properly beat her with a stick so they leave no bruising or lasting damage so they can continue to beat her into submission.

I just want to know how the hell he even thinks this is a good thing. Today if a child says the word God or prayer in school they are getting detention or suspension. Yet this guy wants to model our schools on Islamic religious schools.

Wake up people, this is another step in the Islamification of America. Our president Obama has publicly backed the muslim brotherhood to become the ruling party in Egypt, which oh by the way the muslim brotherhood is poised to take over control of the Libyan government now also. If you don’t know the muslim brotherhood is a fanatic group of Islamic extremists who demand strict adherence to Sharia law, the same law that allows for the beating and murder of women. Sharia law states a woman who is raped must have 4 male witnesses say it was rape, otherwise  her rapist can then choose to either force her to marry him to take away her shame, or to have her stoned for falsely charging him with rape.

Is this what we want our children to learn? And for an elected official to even suggest this he should be removed for treason. Because anyone who wants to instill Islamic fanaticism in our schools is most certainly trying to destroy our country.

Wake up America we have to stop this attack on our country, and it starts November 6, 2012. Lets take back our country.


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