One more step towards becoming a tyrant.

It started with the NDAA, then it went to allowing government agencies to use drones to spy on people, and we can’t forget about Obama’s backing of the UN small arms treaty requiring a global registration on all privately owned firearms. Now Obama has issued an executive order allowing the government to take control of all forms of communications during what he deems as a “National Emergency.” (Read the article here.)

Now I’m not a history expert or anything, but this sounds almost like what some of the most infamous tyrants have done before they enslaved their citizens and took over their countries. Such wonderful people like Moa Tse Dung, Stalin, Hitler, Castro, and Kim Il Sung.

Since he took office Obama has said it’s his way or else. He has repeatedly ignored congress, and on more than a few occasions severely bent if not broken the law by implementing his views on what our country should be. During congressional breaks he installed new Czars, these are known as “recess appointments.” He has used these appointments to install people to the National Labor Relations Board, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and 30 other appointments made without consent of congress.

Obama has made it a point of his regime, I mean administration, to ignore congress and our constitution. His hope and change is the same form of socialist/Marxist/communist/fascist  rhetoric that many tyrants and dictators have spewed for centuries to enslave and control their citizens. Wake up America this needs to stop, we are not going “Forward” under Obama, we are going down. Down into enslavement and government control.


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