Another brilliant move by the UN

First the UN placed Iran on the council on women’s rights. Seriously here’s the article UN elects Iran to Council on Women’s Rights, this happened in April of 2010. Iran who imposes public lashings for women accused of being “immodest,” and stoning to death for women who are convicted of having sexual intercourse outside of marriage, this intercourse includes being raped, because lets face it those women were asking not only to be violated in one of the most inhumane ways possible, but also be killed for the night of their lives. Brilliant if you ask me.

In what has to be the second most brilliant appointment in UN history, the almighty doer of good has elected Iran to the council for global arms control. Yes the very same council that will be in charge of the controversial global arms trade treaty.  Yes that very global treaty that is to take control of all weapons in the world, specifically aimed at privately owned weapons. The global treaty that in essence destroys our 2nd amendment right to bear arms.The same treaty the Marxist Messiah Obama fully supports and backs.

Seriously Iran on the committee to regulate weapons? Does this mean they have to actually regulate themselves and give up their refinement of weapons grade plutonium? I’m guessing not. I’m also going to guess this is just another step in the Islamification of the world. Why else would the out dated un-useful UN put one of the worlds worst offenders when it comes to weapons on this council? This just gives credibility to Ahmadinejad and his illicit weapons proliferation program. This is would be like making some one like Al Capone or John Gotti  the head of the FBI’s RICO division. It just makes no sense.

Wake up America we need to stop the Islamification of the world, and it starts here at home on November 6, 2012.


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