Aghanistans leader Hamid Karzai (another leader backed by Obama) has just proved his incompetence

Yesterday it was reported that the Taliban executed a woman amid cheers from the men witnessing it. Read my post about Obama’s ties to Islamic fanatics. Well apparently Afghans president Hamid Karzai is outraged and wants to bring the men responsible to justice. Wanting justice for a woman is an admirable  trait in any Middle Eastern leader. Karzai has issued an arrest warrant for the Taliban commanders who perpetrated this horrendous crime. Again admirable, standing up against the Taliban, unheard of from a government official in Afghanistan.

The problem is the people who perpetrated this crime have already been served justice. The justice was handed out, and this totally surprised me, by a third Taliban commander. This just proved Karzai is a puppet head installed by the Taliban. The only time he has ever called for any kind of punishment against the Taliban is after they have already been punished. You will never hear Karzai call for the arrest and punishment of Mullah Omar. Mullah Omar is the head of the Taliban that set laws and punishments for the Taliban. Behind Al’ Queda the Taliban is about the most ruthless followers of Sharia law in the world. When they took over Afghanistan they outlawed music, dancing, and kite flying as symbols of the Satan West, western culture. They advocated stoning, lashing and the disfigurement of women for various crimes, including the crime of being raped, on the flip side men were punished for very few crimes, those including theft, which resulted in the amputation of a hand or a foot, or the ultimate crime of speaking out against the Taliban.

Again another world leader backed by Obama has ties to Islamic fanatics whose only wish is to enslave the world under Sharia law. The Islamification has started and will continue until either they take over the world and enslave us, or we get fed up enough to annihilate them.

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