A member of a violent Mexican street gang is upset

Hector Villalobos is a handy man in Colorado, he is trying to do the right thing and get his green card legally. There is one huge problem though, he has tattoos linking him to a violent Mexican street gangs. He claims he got the tattoos because, “I thought they were cool.” I’m going to have to raise the BS flag on that one. Street gangs do not let non-members sport their ink.(Read the article here.)

There is an immigration policy that requires potential green card applicants to divulge all tattoos, it’s meant to keep violent gang members out of the country. Which silly me, I think is a great idea. We have way to many home-grown criminals here as it is, we don’t need to start importing them. This policy justifies “inadmissibility” on national-security grounds, including possible affiliation with criminal organizations. I am all for not letting criminals, especially violent gang members into the country.

Some critics claim “They cast too wide a net and border dangerously on violating first amendment freedom of speech and expression,” said Jeff Joseph, a Denver immigration lawyer. Now I’m not a constitutional lawyer but doesn’t the Bill of Rights pertain to American citizens? So saying we violated his first amendment right is actually violating the constitution, which is actually illegal. So their argument is invalid.

I just want to know when all these critics of our Constitution are going to start defending actual American citizens? And if they feel so bad for illegal immigrants and want to help them so damn much why the hell don’t they move to these third world hell holes and leave our laws alone. We have laws to protect American citizens not low life violent foreign street gangs.

Wake up America, November 6, 2012 the day we take back our country.


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