Beware of Big Brother

A society tyrannized by a political party and its totalitarian ideology. Omnipresent government surveillance, and public mind control, dictated by a political system euphemistically named Democratic Socialists under the control of a privileged Inner Party elite that persecutes all individualism and independent thinking as thought crimes.Their tyranny is headed by Big Brother, the quasi-divine Party leader who enjoys an intense cult of personality. Big Brother and his Party justify their rule in the name of a supposed greater good.


Sounds like the plot of a fantastic work of fiction by George Orwell doesn’t it? Sounds strikingly similar to his work of science fiction “1984” right?  Well it’s a snapshot of what is happening in America today and I can prove it.

Lets look at the first sentence- A society tyrannized by a political party and its totalitarian ideology. A tyrant is one who illegally seizes and controls a government power. There are many examples of the illegal seizure of power in our government, but the most important seizure to date has been Obama’s illegal signing of an Executive Order suspending deportation of some illegal immigrants. This may not seem like a big deal but it is, stopping the deportation of some illegal immigrants in effect gives the federal government the ability to pick and chose which laws it wants to enforce. If this is allowed to continue what other laws may the Obama administration decide it doesn’t want to enforce, such as the Bill of Rights, or maybe 10th amendment limiting federal government powers, (he’s already pretty much destroyed this one through obamacare, and by fighting the states attempts to enforce voter ID laws), or the 12th amendment to the constitution covering the Electoral College procedures for electing the president.

Lets take the next sentence- Omnipresent government surveillance and public mind control. Every where you look today are video cameras recording our every movement. As if that weren’t enough we now have, allowed by the Obama administration, the use of Drones  by police and federal agencies. These are just another version of Big Sister’s unblinking eye spying on you. Now we have in development by the government hidden lasers that will be able to detect traces of drugs or gun powder on your clothes to what you had for breakfast to the adrenaline level in your body, all without ever having to touch you or let you know they are doing it. That’s just the surveillance portion, the mind control is the class warfare and race warfare being spewed at every turn by the government. If you don’t think you should give your hard-earned money to those who are too lazy to work you’re dividing this country,if you disagree with the president you’re a racist, if you think Eric Holder should turn over all the documents linked to Operation Fast and Furious that led to the murder of border patrol agent Brian Terry you are a racist. All of these are directed by Obama himself on the advice of his staff most of whom are directly linked to the American Democratic Socialist party, and back by the American Communist party.

Our Big Brother relies on his Big Sister Janet Napolitano to enforce this tyranny. Need proof how about this the Department of Homeland Security has stocked up on 450 million rounds of .40 caliber hollow point bullets, or this Homeland also bought over 2000 Mine Resistant Ambush Protected armored vehicles, (the same ones used by our military in Iraq and Afghanistan), why does Homeland need that much fire power and protection? Lets put the bullet quantities in perspective, Homeland wants 450 million rounds, in Iraq our combined forces, Army, Navy Air Force and Marines fire an average of 70 million rounds a year, and that is in an active combat zone. Who the hell does Homeland expect to go to war with?

And the last sentence Big Brother and his Party justify their rule in the name of a supposed greater good- “My healthcare plan will insure every single American,” um no it doesn’t it exempts politicians from obtaining private healthcare. The Obama administration is pushing enrollment in the Food Stamp program, they want the citizens of this country to grow dependent on them so they can further enslave them to the point of total subservience. All in the name of the greater good. Cause lets face it how much more good can you do then to force those who can into giving it all to those who are way to lazy to be bothered to even try.

Wake up America this needs to stop. November 6, 2012 the day we take back our country.


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