If this doesn’t outrage you, you have no soul

There is a group of Islamists in Egypt, where else would this be, called the Salafists. And if you thought Islams treatment of women was bad, these Salafists want Egyptian president Mohamed Mursi to enact a law that allows them to keep women as sex slaves. Yes you read that right, SEX SLAVES. Any one who thinks Islam is the peaceful religion is blind. Nothing Muslims have done in history in the name of Islam or the prophet Mohammed has been peaceful. And the treatment of women is abysmal, women are routinely beaten, here is a video showing how to properly beat your wife by a muslim cleric, the Koran and Sharia law also teach it is not only right to beat your wife but how to do it.

I don’t know about you but I don’t condone the beating of women, children or animals, the Koran not only allows them but says they are the duty of every man. And these are the people Obama backs to run countries and make America subservient to. If you aren’t outraged wight now, you have no soul. How any one can be sympathetic to any group that advocates the beating of women is beyond me, and any one that thinks America should bow down to that group is a traitor plane and simple. Wake up America and see what is happening right in front of you. Islamic fanatics want to enslave the world and our current presidential administration endorses these extremists.

2 thoughts on “If this doesn’t outrage you, you have no soul

  1. and just how is this any different from any number of christian and mormon sects in the US that believe in polygamy or arranged/forced “marriages” at ages as young as 10?

    Both are perversions of their respective larger faiths- and have nothing to do with larger faith as a whole.

    • Let’s see how this is different, well one I can’t find anywhere that Christianity or Mormonism condone the beating of women. 2 as you say those are sects of a larger religion, in Islam being as it is not a sect but the larger religion itself, it is law, and yes you can look it up, Sharia law demands women be physically punished for any slight the man imagines, it also states that women are not equal to man and must be subservient to the man, so much so that a woman who is raped can not accuse the man who raped her unless she has 4 other men to say they witnessed the rape, and if she does accuse the rapist she can be forced to marry him to undo the dishonor she caused him by the accusation. And as much as I disagree with the Mormon practice of polygamy and forced marriages of young girls, it is not as prevailant as it is in the Islamic faith, and when it is known that this is happening in the Mormon faith the Law steps in and investigates and convicts the criminal or have you forgotten about Mormon elder Warren Jeffs who is currently in prison for the practice? I don’t recall one incident in history where a Muslim man was even brought to court on charges of marrying a minor or beating his wife.

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