I just want to know WTF is going on in this country?

Man beats a woman he kept chained up for 10 years.

Dad charged with murder after 3 daughters found dead.

Parents lock daughter  in outhouse and force her to wear shock collar.

Penn State covers up Jerry Sandusky abuse.

Dog tortured and abandoned in Texas.

These are just a minute sample of the horrendous acts committed in this country in the past week. Except for the Sandusky thing, but the cover up just came to light. This sickens me as not only an American, but as a human. I posted a blog about Islam and it’s treatment of women titled, “If this doesn’t outrage you, you have no soul.” Well as bad as Islam is at treating women, this is far worse. And I haven’t even scratched the surface of all the evil, inhuman treatment of some of the worst humans in the world on the most defenseless beings in the world. Seriously WTF is wrong with our country today? As bad as the rest of the world is, and as much as I detest the way Muslims treat women, the more I look at the way we as Americans were treating the most defenseless in our society, I actually got sick.

As a Soldier who has gone to war for my country and fought for the most defenseless people in the world, I look at the way my fellow Americans are treating each other, it makes me feel embarrassed to be an American. As a country we have always fought for those who can’t fight for them selves. We went to war against our on countrymen to free the slaves, because we knew it was wrong to treat another human like that. Damn it we went to war against the world and stopped Hitler from destroying the Jews, just because they were weaker and not like his vision of what a human should be, and stopped Japan from committing rape, murder and genocide in the Asian theater.

I went to Iraq and Afghanistan to not only defend my country, but help free people from the oppression and violence their government was doing to them. I went to war and was blown up, shot and stabbed protecting people who could not defend themselves. And I come home and hear and read about us as Americans doing the same exact thing I fought against overseas. What is wrong with this picture?

What happened to Americans helping each other? I remember a time when everyone looked out for each other. When people would sit outside and just watch the children of the neighborhood, and step up when something didn’t look right. I can remember as a child when I felt safe playing until almost midnight in my town, because I knew everyone on my block and most of the people on the blocks around mine. What happened? I can’t read the news without hearing about some freak trying to kidnap or sexually assault or abuse children, and NO ONE in the neighborhood is standing up. Yes there have been people like Antonio Diaz Chacon who saw an attempted abduction and chased down the sick bastard who did it, but they are outnumbered by those who do the old, “See no Evil, Hear no Evil, Speak no Evil,” and look the other way.  And to me, they are just as bad as those who commit the actual crime.

WHY people, WHY? Why are we letting this happen? If more people stood up, and stood together we can take our country back from these criminals. All we need to do is care about each other the way we used too. There is a reason these deviants choose who they do, it’s because their victims can not fight back. Well guess what people, when we stand up they back down. I read reports of people calling the police because a Muslim family moves into their town and they’re scared of terrorism. Why can’t you do that when a suspicious American comes into your town? Why not question the guy sitting in his car right next to the playground? If you don’t think you can question him yourself, call the Police and let them handle it. I know quite a few Cops and they would love nothing more than to stop an assault, or a kidnapping, or abuse, or torture, or a murder before it happens.

I talk about November 6, 2012 as the day we take back our country, let’s make today the day we take back our neighborhoods.

2 thoughts on “I just want to know WTF is going on in this country?

  1. DHS-2.6 billion rounds of ammo (many hollow point),2700 APCs.Don’t worry about the sickos in the streets, worry more about the present regime. Keep your powder dry,remain calm and FIX BAYONETS!..0311 USMC,11B3 U.S.Army

    • This is our government, the agency tasked with defending our borders and keeping us safe at home is buying more rounds than our Army at war uses, to use against us. We need to stop this.

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