If the displaying of the American flag offends you leave the country.

I have noticed in the past year more and more news stories such as these:

Housing authority in Mass. bans Flags

Texas town bans Flags at grave sites.

Seminole Country Florida bans fire trucks from displaying the Flag.

Student sent home for wearing American Flag on Cinco De Mayo.

We live in AMERICA, why the hell are you banning any display of the AMERICAN FLAG? As far as the student getting suspended for wearing the Flag on Cinco De Mayo, are you serious? You don’t want to fend Mexicans, what about Americans? Why are we more concerned with foreigners than we are with our citizens?

If the American Flag offends you leave, we don’t need you here anyway. Because you apparently have no clue what the American Flag represents. The American Flag represents the freedom you are taking away by denying the flying of the Flag. You sleep under the freedom that Flag represents yet fight to abolish my freedom to fly that Flag.

So I will say this, if you do not like the Flag of this country, leave. Because apparently you are not interested in living with the freedom that goes along with the American Flag, because you repeatedly fight to deny me my freedom to fly my American Flag.

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