Big Sis gestapo stops 2 illegals at Canadian border

How ever they are not the illegals you think they are. Two Seattle men were stopped at the Canadian border and detained for more than 2 hours after border agents found contraband hidden in their car. What was the contraband you ask? Was it illicit drugs? No. Was it illegal aliens being smuggled into the country? No. Was it pirated clothing or videos or music? No. Well what was it? It was a horrendous, insidious, diabolical invention called, gasp, a Kinder Egg, oh no!!!! What is a Kinder Egg you ask? A kinder Egg is a chocolate egg with a toy inside of it. And they are illegal in the US.

No not illegal alien illegal, I mean REALLY ILLEGAL. Like “I will arrest you and send you to jail forever!” illegal.

Seriously? Is this what our border agents are looking for? Not illegal aliens or illegal guns walking across the border, but candy eggs? It makes sense, the candy eggs can’t vote for a democrat or make our gun laws look flawed. If this doesn’t make you realize our current administration isn’t working I don’t know what else to say. November 6, 2012 the day we take back our country.

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