Stop trying to take my guns

I am sick and tired of hearing all of the politicians and Hollywood types crying for my guns after every deranged maniac goes on a shooting spree. Do you know why these deranged maniacs get away with killing so many people every time they go on these shooting sprees? BECAUSE NO ONE HAD A GUN TO SHOOT BACK AT THEM.

In every mass shooting tragedy they have to wait for the shooter to kill them self or for the police to arrive to stop the shooter, which could take up to 5 minutes. Even a novice shooter can get off dozens of rounds in 5 minutes. If a law-abiding citizen, who must go through training to be licensed to carry a concealed weapon is present, that time is cut down to seconds, as was the case in Florida earlier this week. Samuel Williams was in an internet café in Ocala Florida when 2 gunmen rushed in with the intent of robbing every one. Samuel is licensed to carry a concealed weapon, as soon as he saw them brandishing their weapons he opened fire, and I guarantee he stopped a mass shooting before it started.

Imagine if in every mass shooting there was an armed, trained, law-abiding citizen ready to stand their ground and defend those who could not defend themselves. This country would be the great country our Founding Fathers envisioned it to be, not the mess modern politicians made it.


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