Just a little knowledge

I feel the need to put this out there. A gun is a piece of metal, it has no brain, no consciousness, it has no feelings. It can not do anything by itself. If you put a gun on a table in a crowded room, or in a bank, even a loaded gun, it will sit there and DO NOTHING. It will not hurt one of those people, it will not rob that bank, and it will not kill any one. It will sit there and just do nothing. It is a hunk of unfeeling, uncaring metal. It does not care who you are, what you are doing, what color you are, how much money you have or anything else. That’s not true because in order to not care, that means it has to have that ability and guns don’t. They have no brains, no nervous system, nothing. They are inanimate objects that can not do anything with out a human hand. It takes a human to manipulate a gun into doing what they want it to do.

If the person is bad you get what happened in Aurora Colorado, which is a tragedy. If the human is good you get what happened in Ocala Florida where a crime was averted by a law-abiding citizen, and what happens every other day by every other law-abiding citizen which is nothing. No gun violence.

Why do politicians and Hollywood types, who by the way employ armed body guards, call for taking away guns for law-abiding citizens, when the gun did nothing wrong. Why not place the blame where it belongs, on the criminal who committed the crime. No one blames the knife when some one stabs another person to death, so why is it different when a gun is involved? A criminal will find a way to commit a crime no matter what, whether they have a gun or a knife or a bat or a golf club. Blaming an inanimate object just proves how unintelligent you really are.


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