This Embarasses me as a Military member

As a member of the Military I hold myself to a standard of discipline that is higher than that of normal society. I want to set my self apart in all that I do. I am the defender of my country, of the freedoms my fellow Americans enjoy. I am that person the children look up to and want to be like, because I uphold all that America is, not because I am any better than any one, but because I make every one better. I fight for those who can not fight for themselves, I defend those who can not defend themselves, I liberate those who are oppressed. When my country is attacked I go to a foreign land and defeat those who attacked my country and hurt and killed my fellow-man.

To hear this embarrasses me a Military man. An Air Force Instructor was convicted of rape. Air Force Staff Sergeant Luis Walker was convicted of raping trainees assigned to him. I can not tell you how much this hurts me as a Non Commissioned Officer in the United States Army. I am a trainer of Soldiers. I am committed to training young Soldiers, and they give me their total confidence, they trust I will take care of them. I have led Soldiers into combat, and they did what I told them because they knew I would get them home alive. And for this piece of shit to use this trust to sexually abuse and rape his subordinates, is inexcusable.

What makes this worse is there are 11 other instructors along with Walker who are accused of sexually abusing trainees. This sickens me. I truly believe the Military should be held to a higher standard than the average citizen, we are not the average citizen. And accordingly those who violate that trust should be punished more severely.


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